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Grants 2018

Posted by Joshua Richard on March 14, 2018 at 7:45 AM Comments comments (70)

3/13/18 - A bath bench was approved for a Watsontown, PA woman at amount of approximately $60.

3/13/18 - A bath bench was approved for an Avis, PA man at amount of approximately $80.

7/15/18 - A Milton, PA boy is unable to communicate.  Walk On Foundation purchased a IPAD and App Store Cards for the family so they may utilize Proloquo2go to communicate with their child.  Cost was approximately $650.

Grants 2017

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1/10/17 - An autistic boy from out of state was in need of a compression vest and chewy tubes.  Walk On Foundation purchased both at price of $110.

1/10/17 - A Sunbury, PA family must travel to Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia for Cystic Fibrosis appointments.  Walk On Foundation sent the family $150 to help assist with cost of gas, tolls, parking, etc.

02/13/17 - A Watsontown, PA man with many medical needs was referred to us by a Sun Home Health Social Worker in need of a shower bench. Walk ON Foundation purchased at cost of $54.

03/21/17 - A Mifflinburg, PA elderly couple was referred to us b Sun Home Health in need of a shower bench. Walk On Foundation purchased at a cost of $54. 04/11/17 - A Bloomsburg, PA lady must travel to Philadelphia for a transplant. $250 was sent to help with trip costs.

06/14/17 - A Mifflinburg, PA man was referred to us by Sun Home Health in need of a shower bench. Walk On Foundation purchased at a cost of $74.

06/14/17 - A TN family has a four year old who is in need of orthotics. Walk On Foundation paid the company $1200 to grant the little girl the needed orthotics.

07/13/17 - An IL family is in need of a respiratory vest of their young son with CF. Walk ON Foundation sent Respirtech $1,323.94 to pay the remainder cost of the vest.

07/19/17 - A New Columbia, PA woman recently had surgery and is in need of an electric wheelchair. Family located one locally for $300. Walk On Foundation purchased for family so lady has assistance during lengthy recovery period.

09/12/17 - A Virginia man who suffers from CP is in need of a cooling vest.  This was purchased online at cost of $272 and shipped to him.

Grants 2016

Posted by Joshua Richard on January 8, 2016 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (2)

01/06/16 - A 37 year old Mifflinburg, PA female was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  She has a $50 copay per treatment and is expected to have treatment 5 days a week for the next 6 weeks.  $250 was sent directly to Evangelical Hospital to help cover her treatments.

03/08/16 - A Mifflinburg, PA woman must travel numerous times over next 6 weeks to :Lewisburg, PA for chemo treatments.  Walk On Foundation assisted with $50 in gas.

03/08/16- A Sunbury, PA family must travel to Philadelphia at least 6 times over next few months to see a Cystic Fibrosis Specialist.  Walk On Foundation assisted with $150 towards gas and food.

03/26/16 - A Turbotville, PA family was displaced due to a fire.  Red Cross was able to assist them for 3 days.  While this need did not meet our mission we were able to reach out to the community and help secure 14 nights at a local hotel for the family.  This was at the cost of $59 a night.   Thank you to a caring comminuty for keeping this family with 3 kids off the streets.

04/12/16 - A out of state family recently had a premie who is now having some medical obstacles.  They were in need of an air purifier that cost $100.  This was purchased and shipped to the family.

04/12/16 - An out fo state family has a boy with ceberal palsy that needs a special trike.  The insurance will only cover a certain amount of the $1000 trike.  With proper documentation and awaiting final papers showing insurance will not provide following the appeal Walk On Foundation will pay the $482.

05/17/16 - A Smyrna, Georgia woman is in need of a bath chair and a walker with seat.  Following documentatiom from doctor and denial from insurance we went ahead and provided the approximately $100 to a medical supplier in her area to assist with her basic need.

06/14/16 - A Westminster, MD family has a young child with a number if medical issues including sensitivity to heat.  Walk On approved a Hybrid Phase Cooling vest in the amount of $200.

06/14/16 - A lady from Sandwich, IL is in need of a dental piece due to medical reasons.  We approved to send $400 to the dentist office to cover the part that insurance will not so she may move forward with treatment.

07/05/16 - A Danville, PA family recently adopted two young children who were in an abusive situation and are disabled due to the abuse.  The family is in need of a wheelchair ramp into their home.  We approved a grant of $700 towards the cost of supplies for this ramp.   Supplies were ordered directly from Home Depot.

07/05/16 - A North Carolina child with Ceberal Palsy is in need of an octopaddle scooter to assist in therapy with mobility.  We ordered this for the child at a cost of $131.

07/13/16 - An Appalachia, VA family must travel over 400 miles for their childs surgery.  Walk On approved $200 grant to assist with gas and food during this trip.

08/19/16 - An Allenwood, PA family must travel to Philadelphia for urgent medical care.  Walk On Foundation approved a $200 grant to assist with gas, parking and food.

9/15/16 - A Scranton, PA man with Burkitt Syndrome will be hospitalized at University of PA hospital for a lengthy time. Walk On Foundation sent his wife $300 to assist with transportation, tolls and food.


11/08/16 - A Milton, PA man was recently diagnosed with Cancer. Walk On Foundation sent the family a $100 gas card to assist with transportation costs.

11/08/16- A Sunbury, PA family has two chronic medical children that require many trips to Philadelphia. Their only car broke down. Because they have many appointments that children need to attend Walk On Foundation sent a check for $450 to the body shop to have the car repaired.

11/21/16 - A Selinsgrove, PA boy is in need of a lift to get him in and out of their family fan. The community helped raise funds and Walk On Foundation wrote a check to Total Mobility for $9,642.50.

12/6/16 - A Lewisburg, PA women had to undergo major eye surgery.  Walk On Foundation paid $425 to two clinics to help cover costs.

12/17/16- A Mifflinburg, PA woman is dealing with a rare form of cancer and was in need of a bathroom chair.  Walk On Foundation purchased for her at cost of $45.

Grants 2015

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1/24/15 - A Winfield, PA man must travel to Philadelphia, PA for admission to a hospital for 5-7 days of treatment.  The family traveling along with is requesting assistance with travel and food costs.  Walk On Foundation provided the family with $200 to assist with this trip.

1/24/15 - A Quakerstown, PA man must undergo treatments for RSD that costs approximately $300 and must travel to Rhode Island for these treatments.  Walk On Foundation provided the family with $300 to help offset treatment and travel costs.

2/10/15 - A Canton, GA woman is in need of a lightweight walker with seat and also TEDS stockings.  Walk On Foundation received prescriptions from her doctor for these items and purchased them in the amount of $120.

2/10/15 - A Watsontown, PA boy is hospitalized due to leukemia.  Mother is traveling back and forth to hospital.  Walk On Foundation has assisted the family with $150 to offset the travel costs.

03/09/15 - A Georgia lady is in need of a CPAP machine per doctor request and was denied by insurance.  Walk ON Foundation paid the cost of $138.10 to Pharmacy in Georgia.

03/09/15 - A New Columbia, PA family is in need of a specialized monitor  for their child that will allow them to follow her levels and maintain her safety.  The cost of the monitor and one month supply for sensors is $548.  Walk On Foundation paid this so the family may have the comfort of knowing their child is safe.

03/23/15 - A Minersville, PA family needed help with lodging while in Danville, PA for medical reasons.  Walk On Foundation assisted in placing them at Pine Barn Inn for $109.

04/02/15 - A Tomball, TX family has an 8 year old child who has encountered many hypoglycemic episodes recently.  They have requested help with cost of sensors for her continous glucose monitor for one month at cost of $350.  Approved.

04/04/15 - A Joneboro, AK family must travel to TN for medical appointments.  Gas in amount of $50 was approved.

04/11/15 - A Winfield, PA family must travel to Philadelphia and stay for approximately a week for medical purposes.  Walk ON Foundation assisted in amount of $130 (one night stay).

04/21/15 -  A New Columbia, PA family must travel to Philadelphia where they will give birth to their newborn with a heart condition.   The baby will be in need of medical intervnetion and will be hospitalized for approximately a month.  Walk On Foundation assisted with $400 to help with lodging, gas, parking and tolls.

04/21/15-  A Shippensburg, PA lady was recently released from ER in severe pain.   Prescriptions were provided however she was unable to afford the meds she needed.  Walk On Foundation sent $150 directly to the pharmacy so she could get the much needed medications.

06/02/15 - A Mifflinburg, PA family was in need of assistance to make a copay on medications.   $75 was sent directly to the pharmacy to cover these costs.

06/02/15 - A Montandon, PA family is dealing with the male head of household currently on dialysis 3 days a week and the female head of household recovering from recent surgery.  Constant trips to clinics and hospitals is causing them some financial hardships.  Walk On Foundation sent them a $50 Sheetz Gas card to assist.

06/02/15 - A Selinsgroce, PA man is in need of a pair of E-glasses which will allow him to have much better vision so he may continue his current job and spending time with his family reading, etc.  The cost of these glasses is $15,000.  Walk On Foundation launched an initiative called "Firehouse Frenzy" in which we asked local firehouses etc to donate to this cause.   The Daily Item, Standard Journal and WNEP ran stories on this need.   Walk On Foundation provided $1,500.00 to this need.   As of date this is being typed (6/11/15) approximately $8,000 of the $15,000 needed has been raised.

07/01/15 - A Milton, PA family must travel to Philadelphia in two weeks for their child with Ceberal Palsy to be evaluated.  Walk On Foundation has assisted the family with a $100 Sheetz gift card to be used for gas and food.

08/14/15- A Milton, PA family must travel to Philadelphia for appts.  Walk On Foundation assisted them with $100 for gas.

08/18/15- An Illinois family whom has a child with Dravet Syndrome must travel 325 miles to see a specialist.  Walk On Foundation provided the family with $200 to assist with costs.

09/08/15 - A Mifflinburg, PA family just had a newborn with failure to thrive and hyperotnia.  They must travel to Geisinger and CHOP for appointments.  Walk On Foundation provided $100 to family to help with costs.

09/15/15 - A Catawissa, PA family is traveling back and forth to Geisinger daily to feed and visit their premature child and will do so for next 12 weeks.  Walk On Foundation sent them $250 to assist with costs.

10/14/15 - A North Carolina man is in end stage liver failure and his family must travel 350 miles each way to take him to specialist.  Walk On Foundation has provided the family $250 to help towards travel costs.

11/02/15 - A Stillwater, PA man has been diagnosed with bone cancer and has many appointments coming up.  Walk On Foundation sent the family $250 to help with medical related costs.

12/03/15 - An Ohio woman who has multiple medical issues is in need of a bath chair and a bath grab bar.  Insurance will not cover it.  Medical documentation received and Walk On Foundation purchased both pieces from Amazon for $68.


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02/05/14 - A Lewisburg, PA family currently has a father hospitalized at a hospital in Philadelphia with Sjorgens Syndrome and a child at a hospital in Pittsburgh with other medical issues.  Family is in need of assistance for hotel in the Philadelphia area.  Walk On Foundation provided $500 towards the families hotel to allow them another 4 days.

02/26/14 - A Penns Creek, PA woman who is currently dealing with medical issues is unable to walk and utilizes a electric wheelchair.  Her electric wheelchair however does not fit into her vehicle.  Walk On Foundation had a manual wheelchair on hand and donated it to this family.

02/26/14 - A Sunbury, PA family who deals with a number of medical issues was recently the victim to theft in their home.  This leaving the family negative in their bank account also.  The family was in need of Adult Diapers.  Walk On Foundation purchased the family 3 cases at the cost of approx. $180.

03/11/14 - An Avis, PA family is dealing with prostate cancer and treatments that go along with it.  This family is uninsured and is asking for assistance to help with treatment costs.  Walk On Foundation has assisted the family by sending Geisinger Medical Center in Danville $548 to assist with this mans medical treatment.

03/25/14 - A Mifflinburg, PA man who is dealing with heart failure and weight issues has been recommended by doctors to get a certain type of weight scale.  Walk On Foundation purchased this scale for the man in the amount of $50.

03/25/14 - A Milton, PA woman who recently suffered an injury to her leg must stay off the leg for approximately a month and is in need of a wheelchair.  Walk On Foundation Inc. has borrowed one we have in storage to  the family for the month.

03/28/14 - An Milton, PA elderly woman has a lot of troubles getting around and is seeking a wheelchair.  Walk on Foundation has provided one we have in storage to the family.

05/01/14 - A Danville, PA man who is legally deaf needed assistance with repair to his hearing aids.  Walk On Foundation sent a check in amount of $400 to Geisinger Medical Center Audiology department to assist with this need.

05/01/14 - A McClure, PA man who is very limited on his budget is in need of help with prescription costs for his medicine that he takes for Congestive Heart Failure.  This medication runs him $20 a month.  Walk ON Foundation went ahead and sent $100 to the local pharmacy to cover 5 months of this prescription.

05/15/14 - A Watsontown, PA family was searching for an adaptive trike for their mentally challanged child.   A local person had what they needed for sale at cost of $250.  Walk On Foundation purchased the trike for the local child.

05/15/14 - A Berwick, PA family will be traveling with their child to have surgery (bladder placed back inside the body) Walk On Foundation provided the family with $250 in gas cards and sheetz books.

05/15/14 -  An Oklahoma family has medical trips for their child who has Ceberal Palsy.  Walk On Foudation provided the family with $75 in gas cards.

06/15/14 - A Milton, PA family must make medical trip to Philadelphia for their child with heart issues.  Walk On Foundation provided the family with $100 in gas cards.

06/15/14 - A Danville, PA ,man who has multiple sclerosis is in need of a wheelchair.  Walk On Foundation donated one to the family from our inventory.

07/13/14 - A Milton, PA family must make medical trips to Philadelphia for their child who has Ceberal Palsy.  Walk On Foundation provided the family with $125 in gas cards.

08/13/14 - A Ohio family was traveling through PA when youngsters through a rock over an overpass through their windshield causing severe injuries to a lady.   This launched what was called the BuddStrong Campaign all through our area.  Donatins from community members were sent into us in amount of $160 and we sent this straight to family to help with medical costs, travel, etc.

08/13/14 - A Quakerstown, PA family must travel to Rhode Island for 2 days this month for evaluation of a reflux disease.  $300 check was sent to the family and receipts for travel, lodging, etc. has been requested.

09/02/14 - A Watsontown, PA family must travel back and forth to hospital for their child who has leukemia.  Walk On Foundation provided $150 to help with travel costs.

09/09/14 - An Akron, Ohio woman who is diagnosed with Autonomic Dysfuntion has many issues with passing out.  Her doctor requested she have a blood pressure cuff and oximeter in her home.   We have approved this request at the cost of $18 for the blood pressure cuff and $39.99 for the oximeter.  These will be sent directly to the applicant.

09/09/14 - A Shamokin, PA man who was involved in a motorcycle accident is now disabled and in need of a powerized scooter.  Insurance has denied it.   The cost of the scooter needed per doctors orders is $743.  Walk On Foundation believes we have one in our possession that will be of use to this man.  We will follow up with man and update this grant ASAP.

09/09/14 - A Baton Logue, LA man suffers from chronic pain and needs pain injections intermittently.  The man is requesting assistance with $100 copay which we have sent directly to the Pain Intervention Clinic.

09/09/14 - A New Columbia, PA family who has been trying to raise funds for their handicap van received a $500 donation by a community donor.  We have placed these funds in placement for their vehicle.

10/14/14 - A Hartleton, PA lady who is approximately 92 years old is in need of a wheelchair to help her get around.  Walk On Foundation provided one that they had in storage to this lady for her use.

11/04/14 - A Homer, GA child with Ceberal Palsy is in need of an adaptive trike.  The trike was ordered for the child from Amazon.com at a cost of $140.

11/04/14 - A Williamsport, PA boy who has multiple medical issues including autism utilizes an IPAD and the Proloquo2go app to communicate with family, doctors etc.  Recently his communication device broke.  Walk On Foundation purchased an IPAD 4 from Apple.com for $300 and provided to the child so he could continue to communicate in this manner.

11/15/14 - A Danville, PA family must travel to Baltimore, MD to have surgery for their son who has a twisted tibia.  They are able to stay close to the hospital for the 3 nights at a cost of $300.  Walk On Foundation paid the facility in Baltimore $300 so the family may stay during his surgery.

11/19/14 - A Harleton, PA woman with Multiple Sclerosis is in need of a repair to her electric wheelchair.  Walk On Foundation sent $67 to Susquehanna Mobility to have this issue fixed.

Grants 2013

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02/01/13 - A lady from Lake Aerial, PA is disabled and must use an electric wheelchair.  Her wheelchair batteries have died.  Walk On Foundation purchased the batteries needed at cost of $285.80

02/01/13 - A Danville, PA family has a small boy with TAR Syndrome.  The boy is in need of traveling to Baltimore, MD in March for further evaluations.  The family was in need of assistance with travel costs.  Walk On Foundation has provided the family with $200 towards their travel. In addition The Inn at the Collonade in Baltimore has provided the family a 2 night complimentary stay.  Thank you to Inn at the Colonnade for their hospitality.

02/01/13 - A Marion Heights, PA family brought into the world a wonderful small child on 12/21/12.  The child was born with intestines on the outside and has remained hospitalized.  The family is requesting assistance with gas costs to and from Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA.  Walk On Foundastion has approved them for $175 in gas cards to Sheetz.

02/01/13 - A lady in Alabama has lymphedema in both legs.  Her doctors suggested she get prosthetics, however due to lack of insurance, the cost for these are not in the ladies budget.  Therefore the doctors have suggested Ready Wraps for both her legs.  Walk On Foundation has ordered these in her size and is having them shipped to her directly at the cost of  $748.80.

02/01/13 - A Milton, PA family has twins that were born in December.  The one twin has a heart condition and will have surgery in the beginning of February.  Walk On Foundation has sent the family $205 that was donated by the community to assists in medical costs.

02/11/13 - A Swengel, PA man has been in the nursing home for approx. 9 months.  He is coming home this week and is in need of an electric recliner to assist with him getting up and down and resting.  Walk On Foundation has one in storage that was donated to us and is in excellent condition.  This recliner will be delivered to this man for his use.

02/15/13 - A Milton, PA family who has a young boy who had open heart sugery that has been transferred from Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA to Childrens Hospital in Philadelphia and is on life support.  We have provided the family with $400 to utilize towards the hospitalization and stay away from home.

03/10/13 - A Sunbury, PA family must take an unexpected trip to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia this coming Tuesday for treatment of their young boy.  Walk On Foundation granted them $30 in gas funds and a Sheetz Coupon book for their trip.

03/19/13 - A Selinsgrove, PA family has a 10 year old son with Down Syndrome who is in need of a communicative device. The IPAD 2 and the Proloquo2go app will be purchased for this child at the cost of $629.


03/19/13 - A Watsontown, PA couple suffers from a number of ailments and is in need of a shower chair to assist with bathing. Walk On Foundation will purchase one that meets their needs.


03/19/13 - A Milton, PA  family continues to be by their baby boys side at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where he has been for over a month and in critical condition following a heart surgery. The family is in need of assistance with ongoing expenses. If you would like to assist this family in their continued stay in Philadelphia please contact us. Walk On Foundation will be sending them $600 to assist. This $600 is being utilized from the funds granted to us through REW Financial.

04/12/13 - A Lewisburg, PA family who is dealing with a brain tumor must travel to Pittsburgh for further evaluation.  Walk On Foundation has provided the family with a $100 gift card to assist with this trip.

04/12/13 - A Landisburg, PA family who is dealing with a family member with Cancer must travel from Landisburg, PA to Hershey, PA daily for treatments.   The American Cancer Society referred this family to us and we will be assisting with a $100 Gas Card.  

05/21/13 -  A local man was in need of a walker in order to be more mobile.  We have lent him one that we had in our office.

05/21/13 - A Sunbury, PA man who has cancer needs assistance with co-pays.  Walk On Foundation paid $100 directly to his doctor's office.

06/17/13 - A Pittsburgh, PA 3 year old boy was recently diagnosed with Complex I Mitochondrial Disorder and is in need of a cooling vest and blanket.  Walk On Foundation purchased these items at the cost of $105.

07/19/13- A Connellsvilla, PA woman must undergo chemo and radiation for Breast Cancer over the next 6 weeks.  Her daily travel to the hospital is 28 miles round trip.  Walk On Foundation has sent the family $100 to help offswet some of those costs.

08/13/13-  A Northern PA family is in need of a wheelchair lift.  We have one in storage and provided it to the family.

08/13/13 - A Sunbury, PA family currently has a son who is receiving treatments at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and will be there for three to eight months.  Walk On Foundation is sending them $100 to assist with gas and toll costs.

08/20/13 - A Milton, PA family must make numerous trips in next month to Children's Hospita of Philadelphia for their young child who has a heart condition.  Walk On Foundation has provided them with $100 in gas cards to assist with their travels.

09/10/13 - A Lewisburg, PA man recently had a brain tumor removed and is now undergoing Swallow Therapy to re-learn to eat. He must travel to Reading, PA 3 times a week for this therapy. Walk On has assisted the family with $100 in gas cards to assist with cost.


09/10/13 - A Connellsville, PA woman continues to undergo treatments for Breast Cancer. She is being treated aggressively 5 times a week. Walk On Foundation has sent the family $100 in gas cards to assist with travel costs.


09/10/13 - A Hamburg, PA man who has Cystic Fibrosis is in need of life saving medications. He has a pharmacy bill of $314 to receive his meds. Walk On Foundation has paid the pharmacy directly in the amount of $314.


09/10/13 - A Lewisburg, PA man with Leukemia has had hospitalizations and follow ups at John Hopkins in Balitmore, MD. Walk On Foundation and the community have helped provide the family with $2,520 towards medical costs.  PLEASE NOTE THIS MAN PASSED ON 9/18/13.  Our prayers are with his family.

10/08/13 - A Millmont, PA family has a child with Cebral Palsy and just switched their care from Geisinger to Hershey.   They must travel to Hershey in the coming weeks and are in need of help with gas.   Walk On Foundation approved a $50 gas card.

10/08/13 - A Mifflinburg, PA lady is blind due to a tumor.  She is in need of a folding cane and a special watch.  Walk On Foundation approved both at the cost of approx. $50.

10/08/13 - A Wilkes-Barre mom is currently "living" at Geisinger in Danville due to complications with her newborn child.   Walk On Foundation approved to assit this lady with $100 in gas as she travels to and from the hospital to home daily to be with heac of her kids.

11/07/13 - A family from Maryland must travel to Washington D.C. for their child who has multiple disabilities.  They are asking assistance for their upcoming 3 day trip.  Walk On Foundation has provided assistance with the travel costs and lodging costs at Ronald Mc Donald House.   They have been granted $300 for this trip.

12/10/13- A Forest Hill, PA woman who is blind is in need of a quad cane.   Walk On Foundation approved and purchased at price of $38.

12/10/13- A Millmont, PA family must take their child to Hershey Medical Center for treatment of Ceberal Palsy during December.  Walk On Foundation has assisted with $100 in gas card.

12/10/13 - A Berwick, PA family must travel to Philadelphia for medical care of their child who has esophagus issues among other medical issues.  Walk On Foundation approved them for $100 in gas.

12/10/13 - A Sunbury, PA family must travel to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for treatment for their 6 year old son who has Cystic Fibrosis.  Walk On Foundation approved them for $100 in gas.

12/10/13- A Danville, PA family must travel to Baltimore, MD for a Plan of Care for their child with multiple physical disabilites.  Walk On Foundation has assisted the family with $100.

12/10/13 - A Sunbury, PA male is in need of a TENS unit for pain.  This is doctor recommended but not qualified under insurance.  The cost is $106.79.  Walk On Foundation will purchase directly and provide to the male.

Grants 2012

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01/12/12 - A gentleman from Sunbury, PA was in the hospital for nearly 2 months before being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  Walk On Foundation assisted him with his Home Owner's Insurance during this hospitalization at the cost of $206.34

02/10/12 - A lady from Georgia who has a rare form of cancer needs to go to a hospital in Texas for treatment.  Walk On Foundation provided the husband and wife with round trip airfare so she may receive the treatment needed.   The cost was $714.

03/12/12 - A Danville, PA man was involved in a horrific motorcyle accident that has left him unable to walk.  His insurance company provided him with a manual wheelchair.  Walk On Foundation visited this man's home which is on a VERY steep hill and would not be friendly at all to manual wheelchair usage.  His need was for a electric wheelchair that could manage the hill in front of his home.  Insurance company and other agencies were unable to assist.  Area Agency on Aging referred the gentleman to Walk On Foundation.  Walk On Foundation, thanks to a generous donation by the Bennett family was provided an electric wheelchair with all the bells and whistles.   The chair new is valued at $20,000.  Due to previous usage, we value this donation to be approximated at $10,000. 

03/12/12 - A Central PA family is in need of a Safety Sleeper (www.thesafetysleeper.com) for their 6 year old girl who is diagnosed with Autism, Sensory Disorders, and Mentally Handicapped.  Due to these diagnoses they fear for her safety.  Walk On Foundation contacted The Safety Sleeper, who provided us with a discount.  Walk On Foundation went ahead and purchased this item for the family at a cost of $1,399.98.  It is our hope that the family may be able to rest a little easier knowing their child is safe in her bed.

04/09/12 - Two small twin boys in Rhode Island suffer from many special needs that has their family concerned for their safety and is seeking a solution for their children when they are sleeping.   Walk On Foundation has went ahead and purchased each child a safety tent at $100 each.  Website of purchase to be posted soon.   The company worked with us on a discount.  Walk ON Foundation paid out of budget $200 for these items.   It is our hopes that this family may enjoy more sleep and thoughts of safety.

04/09/12-  A man is in need of assistance with prescription costs.  Walk On Foundation assisted with $220 directly to pay this cost.

05/06//12 -A young boy with many medical disorders is in need of a Nickel Tent bed for his own safety.  Walk On Foundation assisted with $100 to purchase this item.

05/06/12 - A man whom has a degenerative disease is in need of assistance with a co-pay for a shot.  Cost is $100.  Walk On Foundation assisted this man directly.

05/06/12 -  A man with Stage 4 Colon Cancer is in need of assistance witb prescriptions.  Cost is $125 and Walk On Foundation has assisted.

05/06/12 - A child with numerous disorders is in need of a special car seat for his safety.  Walk On Foundation received all documentation and purchased the car seat in the amount of $734.95.

06/11/12- A 5 year old who has had two strokes and a heart defect is in need of a special wheelchair.  Walk On Foundation has picked up the cost of $460.

07/01/12 - A 6 year old from Mifflinburg, PA is in a wheelchair for the next 6-8 weeks.  Bayada Services requested our assistance with wheelchair ramps so child may get in and out of house easier.   We placed ramps at the house that we had.  There was no cost associated with this grant.

07/16/12 - A lady from New Columbia is in need of assistance with life sustaining meds.  With proper documentation we have went ahead and provided the amount of $283.34 directly to the pharmacy.

07/23/12 - A 4 year old boy in Washington is currently sleeping in a crib tent.  He has PDD-NOS and ADHD and parents fear for his safety.  The family was in need of assistance with a Nickel Tent Safety Bed.   Walk On Foundation purchased it in the amount of $125.

07/23/12 - A 6 year old girl from Texas who has Autism is in need of a Nickel Tent Safety Bed for her safety.  Walk On Foundation pruchased from Ready, Set, Bloom LLC in the amount of $100.  This one was discounted due to back order.

07/23/12 - A 33 month old boy from North Carolina who Ceberal Palsy and Autism along with many other special needs is requesting a Nickel Tent Safety Bed.  Walk On Foundation received all proper documentation and purchased the bed from Ready, Set, Bloom LLC at the cost of $125.

07/23/12 - A lady from Sunbury, PA suffers from medical problems including fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and degenerative arthritis.   The family is requesting a wheelchair for their mother.  Walk On Foundation has an electric wheelchair in their possession that was donated by a community member.  The wheelchair was just in need of a new charger that cost $37.  Walk On Foundation Inc. fixed the wheelchair and will provide it to this family.

07/23/12 - A young boy from Sunbury, PA will need to be hospitalized for 3-8 months at Children's Hopsital of Philadelphia.  The parents are in search of assitance with fundraising.  The family has been granted access to fundraise for their son at our fundraisers and events and also will allow Walk On to place funds in a special account until the time of admission and need.

07/23/12 - A 4 year old from Kansas has autism and infantile scoliosis and is in need of an enclosed bed to keep him from wandering off at night.   Walk On Foundation has purchased a Nickel Tent Safety Bed from Ready, Set, Bloom LLC at the cost of $125.

08/09/12 - A man from Sunbury, PA who has stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer is in need of a wheelchair carrier for the back of their family car in order to get around.  Walk On Foundation has granted the wheelchair carrier through harborfreight.com at cost of $201.93 and a new hitch and installation with lifetime guarantee through Uhaul of Shamokin Dam at cost of $257.

08/09/12 - A four year old boy from Danville, PA who suffers from OEIS must go to Ohio for medical appointments at end of August.  Family is requesting assistance with travel costs.  Walk On Foundation will provide $100 in gas cards to the family.

08/18/12 - A young Sunbury, PA boy needs to travel to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia this coming Tuesday for appointments.  Walk On Foundation will help the family with $20 in gas and approx $50 in food (in the form of Sheetz certificates) for their day of appointments.

09/11/12 - A young Sunbury, PA boy needs to travel to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia again on September 18th for appointments.  Walk On Foundation will help the family with $75 towards costs.

09/11/12 - A Idaho woman who is a parapalegic and also has seizures is requesting a safety rail for the side of her bed so when having a seizure she does not fall out.  Walk On Foundation will purchase this from Walmart.com for $63.90.

10/10/12 - A Shamokin, PA teen who has Cerebaral Palsy has outgrown his old wheelchair.   They are in search of an adult wheelchair for him.   Walk On Foundation has purchased the requested chair from Walmart at the price of $200.18.

10/10/12 - A Florida family is dealing with a very ill child who has been hospitalized 200 days out of the past year.   They make many trips to the doctors every week.  Their documented mileage exceeds 600 miles every month ONE WAY to these appointments.  They are requesting assistance with gas costs.   Walk On Foundation has provided them with $300 towards gas.

10/26/12 - A woman is dealing with many medical issues and doctors have referred her to a hospital in MN for more evaluation and treatment.  Expected stay is 1-4 weeks.  The husband will be traveling with her while she is an inpatient.  Walk On Foundation Inc. has granted the family a one week stay at Great Value hotel in MN.    Cost of stay is $318.24.

11/06/12 -  A Union County, PA woman was involved in a vehicle accident and is currently in a nursing home.  The family would like to be able to have her home on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.  The nursing home requires that a wheelchair accessible transport be used.  Walk On Foundation Inc has approved to transport the family in our wheelchair accessible van.  The only cost to Walk On Foundation will be gas.  The dollar amount will be listed after the Christmas holiday.

12/12/12 - A Mifflinburg, PA family has a 10 year old girl who is effected by Ceberal Palsy.   This has caused a communication barrier between the child and the parents, the child and her friends and the child and medical staff.  A request was made for the IPAD and the Proloquo2go app to assist the child in need to communicate with the above when she is hungry, in trouble, etc.   Walk On Foundation each reached out to the community through Facebook by creating a page called "GIFT OF A VOICE".  Within 48 hours, the GIFT OF A VOICE had raised enough funds to provide this family with the IPAD ($399), Proloquo2go App ($190), and $300 to assist with other needs.  A huge thank you to the community who helped provide this voice.  Also we would like to include that many of the donors provided monetary donations in honor of Heather Lyons, a MIfflinburg, PA student that passed away in 1997 in a horrible vehicle accident.  Heather had a beautiful voice and is now speaking through those that have gave.  RIP HEATHER!  You will never be forgotten.

12/12/12 - A Selinsgrove, PA family has a 5 year old with developmental delays.  This child is still going through genetic testing for a diagnosis.  This child also was provided the GIFT OF A VOICE by the same method listed above.  The family will receive an IPAD ($399), Proloquo2go App ($190), and $300 to assist with other needs.  IN addition a Communication Specialist from Virgina will be coming up to Pennsylvania the week between Christmas and New Years to show these children the functions of the App and how to get the most from it.

12/12/12 - A Bloomsburg, PA family has a 11 year old boy with Aspergers and a number of other disorders.  This has prevented the child from riding a bike.  The family wants the child to be able to ride with his friends.   They are requesting a medically adaptive trike.  Walk On Foundation Inc has provided this trike at a value of ($549).  This item was donated by a Shamokin, PA family when their child no longer needed it.   

12/28/12 -  A Louisiana man is scheduled to undergo some testing on 1/3/13 but does not have the $150 copay the Clinic is requesting. After receiving all proper documentation the $150 copay was paid in full to the Clinic in which his testing will be done.

12/30/12 - A Michigan lady has Ceberal Palsy and is in need of special type of cup.  There cups are hard to  find and very limited number of them in stock.  She had been using the same one over and over for 4 years and was in desperate need of a new one.   The Layne & Therese Spaid family of Mifflinburg came forward and donated $26 to cover one of these cups.  Walk On Foundation matched that and placed out the other $26 to purchase a second one.   Thank you to the Spaid family for your support!

Breast Cancer : God's Promise To Bless

Posted by Joshua Richard on October 9, 2011 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (1)

I encourage you each to take a moment to read the story below that was written by a local 30 year old wife, mother, daugther, and devoted Christian.  This December will be one year since her diagnosis of Breast Cancer.

I can't confidently say that I noticed the pink ribbons in October 2010, but I can say without a doubt that no pink ribbon has gone unnoticed by me in October of 2011.  If I don't see it first, one of my children will inevitably point it out to me.  To my family, this symbol really does signify HOPE.

This chapter of my life began in December 2010, when I felt a lump in my right breast that I had never noticed before.  Due to my age (30), and lack of a family history of breast cancer, I figured it was just a change in my body.  After a couple weeks, I decided that I needed to see my doctor for my own piece of mind.  What I didn't know was that this appointment would rock my world.  I was sent for a mammogram and ultrasound the following day, which revealed that the lump I felt was attached to a larger tumor that measured 6 1/2 cm.  On December 30, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer.  We waited till after the New Year to tell our 3 children, who were ages 8, 6, and 4 at that point.  We didn't go into a lot of detail, but tried hard to answer all of their questions as honestly as we felt they can handle.  My oldest was more aware of what cancer was, and was understandably fearful.  However, a few weeks later her fear had been replaced with the knowledge that we would be okay.

I started chemotherapy in January and had my last treatment on June 8.  A followup mammogram showed that the chemo had "eaten" through the tumor, but it was still quite large and would require a mastectomy.  Wanting to make sure I wouldn't have to go through everything all over again should the cancer return, I opted for a bilateral mastectomy.  I had my surgery at the end of August, and the pathology reports showed that there were still "live" cells in my lymph nodes.  I will be starting radiation in the middle of October, and will be on a hormone-reducing pill for 5 years, along with an abdominal injection for 2 years to surpress my ovaries.

I would have never chosen this path for my life, but I am greatful for the opportunity to see the goodness in others.  I have learned to trust God more than I ever have, and I am learning to grow as a wife, a mother, a daugther, a sister and a friend.  God has blessed my family in unimaginable ways.  This was not a surprise to HIM, and He has already strategically placed people in my life that would carry me on this journey.  My husband took it upon himself to make sure things were taken care of when I just couldn't do them.  My Mom wathced our kids every other weekend while I recouped from chemo.  Two of my friends knew that my son's birthday was in January, and in an attempt to keep his life as normal as possible and mine free of stress, they took it upon themselves to throw a party for him.  My whole journey is laced with stories like this, and our eyes have been opened to how blessed we are.  Really, honestly, TRULY blessed!  Not long after I was diagnosed I heard a pastor say,  "The way I feel doesn't change God's truth," and I have reminded myself of this many times.  I have discovered that the truth is that God has plans to bless, and not to harm, just like he promised.

Thank you for sharing your story and reminding us of the promises God has made.   While many of us deal daily with medical struggles, it is a wonderful feeling to know that through it all, we will be blessed!

Do you have breast cancer, have a loved one dealing with the disease?   Share your journey below with us, we would love to know more.

Leave an enouraging word for those who are making this journey.  Whatever you do, go out and be aware that this disease can strike at any time, but whenever it may strike, know that God has stategically planned it all.

Understanding Breast Cancer

Posted by Joshua Richard on September 30, 2011 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)
Medical Messages October 2011

Walk On Foundation Inc. would like to take a moment to offer our prayers for each and everyone of you that has been effected in some way by Breast Cancer.   We will take this time to learn more about what Breast Cancer is, how it is treated, and how it effects the lives of many.   Keep your eyes open for a few stories from local women who are dealing with Breast Cancer on a daily basis.  

Also go visit  Life With Lissy on Facebook, as she will be doing giveaways each day in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is a type of cancer where cells in the breast divide and grow without normal control. Between 50 and 75 percent of breast cancers begin in the ducts, 10 to 15 percent begin in the lobules and a few begin in other breast tissues.


Tumors in the breast tend to grow slowly. By the time a lump is large enough to feel, it may have been growing for as long as 10 years. However, some tumors are aggressive and grow much more rapidly.

It is important to note that both men and women can get breast cancer, however it is more common in women.

Warning Signs of Breast Cancer;

Due to the increased use of mammography, most women in the United States are diagnosed at very early stages of breast cancer, before symptoms appear. However, not all breast cancer is found through mammography. The most common symptoms of breast cancer are a change in the look or feel of the breast, a change in the look or feel of the nipple and nipple discharge. Warning signs you should be aware of are listed below.


  • Lump, hard knot or thickening inside the breast or underam
  • Swelling, warmth, redness or darkening of the breast
  • Change in the size or shape of the breast
  • Dimpling or puckering of the skin
  • Itchy, scaly sore or rash on the nipple
  • Pulling in of the nipple or other parts of your breast
  • Nipple discharge that starts suddenly
  • New pain in one spot that does not go away
If you have any of these symptoms please see your health care provider.

In 2011 it is estimated that among U.S. women:
  • There will be almost 288,000 new cases of Breast Cancer
  • There will be 39,500 Breast Cancer deaths
In 2011 it is estimated that among U.S. men:
  • There will be 2,140 new cases of Breast Cancer.
  • There will be 450 Breast Cancer deaths in men.

Your breast cancer treatment plan is based on both medical and personal choices. It is tailored to:


Your specific type of breast cancer (the biology of the tumor)


  • The stage of the breast cancer
  • Other medical issues
  • Your personal preferences


Because of the differences between tumors and between people, your treatment plan may differ from another person’s, even though you both have breast cancer. Each treatment option has risks and benefits that you must consider with your own values and lifestyle.


Treatment for breast cancer can be thought of in two areas: local therapy and systemic therapy.


Local therapy


Local therapy is designed to remove the cancer from a limited (local) area, such as the breast, chest wall and lymph nodes in the armpit (axillary nodes), and make sure it does not recur (come back) in that area. It involves surgery, either with or without radiation therapy to the breast area.


Systemic therapy (adjuvant therapy)


Systemic therapy aims to get rid of cancer cells that may have spread from the breast to other parts of the body. It includes chemotherapy, hormone therapy and targeted therapy. These drug therapies (either in IV or pill form) can travel through the body to get rid of cancer cells that may have spread from the breast. Because systemic therapy is an adjunct (or in addition to) breast surgery, these treatments are often called adjuvant therapy.

There is a lot more info to be discussed and to be found on Breast Cancer.   This is just a brief overview.  These notes were taken in part from http://ww5.komen.org/Default.aspx.

I have also found a site called Breast Cancer:  Beyond The Shock that is laid out very well.   This site also has an app that you can download onto your Ipod, Iphone or Ipad.  Well worth the time.   There is also a neat app for your Iphones called Breast Check that shows you how to check your breast, what to look for and actually let's you track any findings.  The app also can be set to give you reminders weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. to check yourself.

In the coming days we will be adding a story to this page from a young local lady who is currently going through treatments of Breast Cancer.   We will get an inside look at her life, how Breast Cancer has changed it, the treatments she goes through, and the outlook she has on life.  So please keep checking back.   We also will be doing a few giveaways on Life With Lissy, so make sure to go on Facebook and Like her page.

If you have any stories, or words of encouragement you would like to add about Breast Cancer please feel free to comment below.

Here is a video that has become very popular in the past month about breast cancer.  Take a moment to watch it (make sure to have tissues near by.)

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Understanding OEIS

Posted by Joshua Richard on September 20, 2011 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (4)

Walk On Foundation Inc. accepts numerous applications every month of children dealing with common illnesses, and or diseases.   However, we also assist numerous children, adults and families with illnesses and/or diseases that we are not familiar with.   Therefore, we would like to launch our area called Medical Messages.  This area will be used to discuss different medical issues that we may not be familiar with.

Meet 8 month old Trennor.  He is a local Danville, PA baby.  Ain't he just adorable?   Trennor's family came to us asking for assistance with gas to and from Children's Hospital in Cincinatti, Ohio.   Trennor suffers from what is called OEIS Complex.  I had never heard of this before and had to do some research.  So let's read and learn together.   By knowing more about the medical conditions others deal with, we may learn how to better assist them.   

Please note we will provide notes at bottom as to where the information was gathered.   Walk On does not claim any of the info given to be of their own or the accuracy of the information.   We are hoping that the info provided can just give some insight into illnesses we may otherwise never have heard of.  Please feel free to comment on this thread about the illness, encouragement for the family, etc.   

So Let's Begin.....

OEIS COMPLEX (Omphalocele, Exstrophy of the cloaca, Imperforate anus, and Spine abnormalities)  is a rare defect with estimated incidence of 1 in 200,000 live births. Most cases are sporadic, with no obvious cause. However, it has been rarely reported in patients with family members having similar malformations or with chromosomal anomalies. In addition, OEIS complex has been observed in association with environmental exposures, twinning, and in vitro fertilization. Monosomy 1p36 is the most common terminal deletion syndrome, with a prevalence of 1 in 5,000 newborns. It is characterized by specific facial features, developmental delay, and heart, skeletal, genitourinary, and neurological defects. We describe an infant with OEIS complex and 1p36 deletion who had features of both disorders, including omphalocele, cloacal exstrophy, imperforate anus, sacral multiple segmentation, renal malposition and malrotation, genital anomalies, diastasis of the symphysis pubis, microbrachycephaly, large anterior fontanel, cardiac septal defects, rib fusion, a limb deformity, developmental delay, and typical facial features. Chromosomal microarray analysis detected a 2.4 Mb terminal deletion of chromosome 1p. This is the first reported case with OEIS complex in association with a chromosome 1p36 deletion.

The above was taken from the US National Library of Medicine at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20101692.

Amazingly, there was not very much information to be found on the internet about this complex.  I would love to hear from the family, or from other families about this complex, the struggles the child faces, and the treatment the child must undergo.   If you have any information to add please feel free to add it here or to email me at joshua@walkonfoundation.com


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