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Posted by Joshua Richard on July 8, 2011 at 12:20 PM Comments comments (0)

9/18/08 -  User (mywonderfulkids) who has granted 152 wishes posts a wish for help with her water bill.  She has currently been having medical issues with swelling in the brain, optic nerves, and spine.  She has an MRI and Spinal tap scheduled.  She needed to use money she had for medication.  She was without medical insurance.  Her family of 9 needs this water for everyday things.  Her overdue bill amount is $237.89 payable to York Water Company.  (Mywonderfulkids) comes to Walk On Heroes for assistance.  Walk On Heroes was provided proof of this need and made contact with the York Water Company, they told us they could not provide information on particular consumers but gave us some places we could refer to, they also allowed this family to  pay only $165  by 10/3 instead of the $237 originally.  Walk On Heroes made some contacts with other agencies in the York Area and also with some everyday heroes on WUAH.  After some contacts, one WUAH member granted this wish $50, others also joined in and with one last contact made from Walk On Heroes to St. John the Baptist Church in York, PA the final $70 needed was granted.  Her shut off notice was taken care of on 9/30/08, three days before shut off.

9/20/08 - User (momof308) who has granted 11 wishes comes to Walk On Heroes for assistance with food for herself and her 3 kids.  Hurricane Ike caused severe winds in Ohio causing widespread electric outages.  This caused all their food to be wasted.  They did apply for emergency assistance but were told it could take up to 2 weeks before they would know anything and there were literally thousands of applications. Walk On Heroes sent her a $50 Kroger Gift Card and other members assisted. 

10/3/08 - User (Romany) who has granted 9 wishes came to Walk On Heroes for assistance.  (Romany) and her family of 8 had been homeless for approx. a year.  They have now found a place to call "home" however do not have beds, furniture, kitchenware, food, and toiletries.  They have been using what income they do have on rent and utilities.  This user has been verified and Walk On Heroes Program supplied the family with a $50 gift card, as did another WUAH member. 

10/19/08 - User (emmasgrammy) who has granted 216 wishes came to Walk On Heroes for assistance with gas and food to get her through until the end of the month.  Both parents had numerous medical appts. they needed to attend, their daughter has recently been hospitalized and financial burdens have been piling on them.  Their needs were verified and Walk On Heroes Program supplied the family with a $20 Sheetz Gas Card, which Wish Upon A Hero Foundation matched, therefore presenting her with $40 Sheetz Gas Card.  Walk On Heroes will also present her with some food care packages.

11/5/08 - User (staciedawn84) who has granted 32 wishes came to Walk On Heroes for assistance with medical and basic necessity costs.  Her 1 year old and 4 year old are both fignting a virus and her husband has been suffering from poison. Walk On Heroes realizes how expensive medications, Pediasure, and other necessities can cost.  One hero donated $10 to this user, and Walk On Heroes added a $15 donation. 

11/17/08 - Featured wish is of user (Smallmedium) who has granted 64 wishes.  She is having reactions to cleaners such as trouble breathing, irritated skin, and a numbed tongue.  She is asking for help with natural cleaners.  Walk On Heroes contacted a company and they have generously offered to help by sending her a care package. 

11/21/08 - User (Kryzdan) who has granted 14 wishes came to Walk On Heroes for assistance with utility bills.  Her family has just taken in one of their friends and their family, therefore causing a strain on houshold costs.  She has 3 kids, one who has some health problems.  All documentation was gathered and Walk On was able to assist this family in preventing shut off of their electric. 

11/24/08 - User (Bam1305) who has granted 2 wishes came to Walk On Heroes needing assistance.  (Bam1305) is a 19 year old female with two children, her oldest being 5 and the result of an assault.  (FIRST LET ME SAY HOW PROUD WE ARE OF THIS YOUNG FEMALE FOR TAKING RESPONSIBILITY AND RAISING HER CHILDREN AT A YOUNG AGE.)  She is currently married and is attending college.  In May, she was diagnosed with a heart condition that left her without a job, and now trying for disability.  Her husband does work but his hours have been getting cut.  They came to Wish Upon A Hero looking for help with their water, electric and rent.  They have been provided help with their water, and Walk On Heroes has provided them with $75 towards their electric.  This young family is in need of so much more, if you are able to help this family please email me at joshua_richard@wishuponahero.com . 

11/27/08 - User (KittyBum22) came to Walk On Heroes because there mortgage had recently increased and this left her choosing between paying the mortgage or purchasing some personal need items for her and her family.  She has 3 children whom she needs deoderant, toothpaste, toiletries, etc. for.  Walk On Heroes received supporting documents and granted this user $20 gift card to Wal Mart.

11/30/08 - User (smd03411) who has granted 66 wishes came to Walk On Heroes for assistance with her phone bill.  Her husband had Emergency surgery and has been out of work since mid October. There are 4 children in the home, including one who has special needs.   All documentation was obtained and Walk On felt it was necessary for their phone to remain on for emergency purposes.  Walk On Heroes paid the company directly to help prevent an immediate disconnect.

12/3/08 - User (libby) who has granted 34 wishes came to Walk On Heroes for assistance with her phone bill.  It was due for shut off on this date.  She is a single mother of 1 child with medical issues and another child on the way.  There are numerous medical related calls that are placed.  All documentation was obtained and walk on felt it was necessary to maintain at least her basic phone plan.  Action was taken to keep this from being shut off today.

12/3/08 - User (jaleese) who has granted 16 wishes posted a "wish" on Wish Upon A Hero for help with some food.  Walk On Heroes contacted 5 local Angel Food Ministries and Christ Weslyan Church Angel Food Ministries Program in Milton, PA (www.cwcmilton.org) is providing this family with the needed food.  Thank you Christ Weslyan!! 

12/7/08 - Walk On Heroes & Wish Upon A Hero Foundation granted 2 wishes live on WISH TV.  First wish is user (jkneelee) who has granted 6 wishes.  Her 20 month son weighs almost 40 lbs.  He suffers from pharyngeal dysphasia. Which means he can't swallow or manage his own secretions and is fed through a tube in his belly.  His mom is wishing for a bath chair that costs $199.00.  Walk On Heroes thanks to an online raffle has been able to grant this wish fully. This user was also granted $25 to pay it forward to another wish.

12/7/08 - Second wish is user (rhondaking82) who has granted 1 wish.  Her son's ear was bitten off by a dog last year.  He needs new glasses (rec glasses) because of the missing ear.  The cost of these glasses are $215.  Thanks to proceeds from an online raffle Walk On was able to grant this wish fully.

12/14/08 - Walk On Heroes & Wish Upon A Hero Foundation granted a wish live on WISH TV.  User (mommyjill) has 3 year old twins who have outgrown their baby seats.  Due to her being off on maternity leave she is unable to afford new seats for her twins.  Walk On Heroes felt these seats were not only a necessity, but a safety issue therefore her wish for new seats were granted. 

12/21/08- Walk On Heroes & Wish Upon A Hero Foundation granted a wish live on WISH TV.  User (Jess2Tood) has two children.  Her, her fiancee and their children were walking home one night when her fiancee was struck by a car, the lady fled and was later arrested.  Because Jess and Todd were not married, and has seperate legal addresses, she does not receive any form of compensation to help care for her family.  Todd, remains in a vegetative state in a nursing home, unsure of what the outcoo me will be.  This family needs many prayers.  Many heroes came together and helped provide this family with gift cards, toys, etc.  Walk On Heroes held a Christmas Extravaganza and dedicated 1/2 of the proceeds to this family.  On 12/21/08 we were able to provide her with $250 to help alleviate bills.  Thank you to all who came out to the Christmas Extravagana and the many volunteers who helped us that evening.

12/24/08 - User (ilovemywifejenn) who has granted 145 wishes came to Walk On Heroes asking for assistance with groceries for her family of 5, and one on the way.  Her husband has been decreased in hours until the new year, and she is currently on bed rest due to her pregnancy.  Walk On granted her a $ 75 gift card to Walmart to help with groceries.

12/28/08 - Walk On Heroes & Wish Upon A Hero Foundation granted a wish live on WISH TV.  User (savingkaelyn) has a three year old autistic daughter named Kaelyn.  They have been working with a Defeat Autism Now doctor.  Many tests have been ordered and covered by their insurance however the Toxic Metal Hair test is not covered by their insurance.  To get the results of this test it will cost $135 and is done by  Great Plains Labs.  Walk On Heroes has granted this families wish by paying for the results of this testing.


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