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1/4/09 - Walk On Heroes & Wish Upon A Hero Foundation granted a wish live on WISH TV.  User (JForKids) is a single mom who suffers from an auto immune deficiency disease.  Her water in her home has been tested and is not suitable to drink.  She is taking necessary steps to have this fixed but in the meantime needs assistance with clean, SAFE drinking water.  Walk On Heroes will provide this user with enough PUR water filtration packets to provide her for a year.

1/7/09 -  User (jsmith31006) who has granted 56 wishes came to Walk On Heroes asking for assistance with groceries for their family of five.  They were recently evicted from their home due to circumstances beyond their control.  In moving they had struggles getting utilities switched.  By paying those utilities this left the family short of money for food.  Walk On Heroes granted their wish for groceries in the amount of $75.

1/7/09 -  User (DiaClair) who has granted 2 wishes has a wish posted for help with food due to son having allergies.  Son is allergic to milk, eggs, soybean, corn, and wheat.  By looking at products in your household you will realize almost all products have one of these ingredients.  There are some foods this child can eat and they have been able to locate them at Wegman's.  Walk On Heroes went ahead and approved them for a  $50 Wegman's gift card.

1/16/09 - User (xxmommy2007xx) who has granted 15 wishes has posted for assistance.  On 1/15/09 late while her, her husband and their two infants were sleeping, they were awakened by smoke detectors.  Their chimney caught on fire causing damage to the front of their home.  They all were able to get out of the house safely, but they are in need of furniture, groceries, furnace repairs, home repairs, carpet, and so much more.  Walk On Heroes presented this family with a $100 Wal-mart card.

1/20/09  User (tomsmomanddad) posted a wish for help with a wig for her mother who is currently undergoing chemo treatments for stage 2B Grade 3 Breast Cancer. Their insurance will not cover the wig because it is considered cosmetic.  Walk On Heroes feels that this is a necessity in order for this lady to feel a sense of comfort in everyday life.  After speaking to the family and finding out the exact wig that was wished for we went ahead and bought this deserving lady a wig from www.tlcdirect.org along with liners.  Payment of $63 was paid directly to TLC Direct.

1/25/09 - User (mom2four30) who has granted 9 wishes has posted for assistance with food and personal hygiene items.  Her husband recently fell ill, landed in the hospital and had been out of work.  The family consists of 2 adults and 4 children.  Walk On Heroes felt led to give this family a Step Up and granted them with a $75 Walmart card.

1/28/09 - User (GuineaPigs8) who has granted 5 wishes has applied to Walk On Heroes for assistance with food and basic necessities.  Hospital visits in the past year have put them approx. $6,000 in debt.  Male head of household works in the automotive industry and has been decreased in hours to 3 days a week.  The family has two children and have a great need for clothes, food, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.  Walk On Heroes and user (ANonyMouse) both granted this user $75 for a grand total of $150 to help with this wish.

1/30/09 - User (got3lilones) who has granted 534 wishes has psoted a wish for assistance with car seats for her 3 year old and her 8 month old.  Her current seats are very old and do not meet current safety guidelines.  Walk On Heroes feels it is not only a necessity for these chidren to have these seats, but a safety.  Walk On Heroes paid $132 and purchased the two car seats.  We encourage everyone to not buy car seats at garage sales, thrift stores, etc.  You may not know whether they were involved in accidents, have missing pieces, or are expired.  Manufacturers suggest you do not use car seats that are more than 5 years old.

2/6/09 - User (greatabyss) who has granted 12 wishes has applied to Walk On Heroes for assistance with necessities that were lost due to a fire.  All escaped without injury however their home was damaged heavily.  You can read more about the fire at http://www.kxxv.com/Global/story.asp?s=9783060.  Walk On Heroes was organized to provide basic necessities, especially in a time of emergency or disaster.  Walk On Heroes has granted this family with a $100 Walmart Card in order to help provide some of the necessities that were lost.

2/17/09 - User (mommynicole) who has granted 45 wishes furnace has broken and her house if feeling the wrath of the 20 and 30 degree days and the Pennsylvania nights that are in the teens.  She is asking for a space heater to help keep her warm until the furnace is fixed.  Walk On Heroes has supplied this family with a space heater.

2/17/09- User (llknightll) who is new to Wish Upon A Hero is requesting assistance with food due to layoffs at their local factory that has effected their family.  Walk On Heroes made a few contacts and within hours heroes came their way.  We would like to give a special thanks to the PA Chapter of Wish Upon A Hero and User (codingace).  These heroes have helped supply this family with food.

2/18/09- User (SweetnOhio) has a daughter who must have immediate surgery on a cyst.  She is asking for assistance with food and gas during these medical trips.  Hungry for Heroes and Walk On Heroes teamed up and have provided this family with $100 for their expenses.

2/20/09 - User (mommynicole) who has granted 45 wishes furnace broke down.  She lives in the Pennsylvania region with her children.  With her furnace being down and the temperatures in Pennsylvania being anywhere from 10 degrees to 30 degrees, her house is becoming very cold and unbearable, not to mention unsafe for her and the children.  She posted a wish for a space heater until her furnace can get fixed.  Walk On Heroes approved her for $40 to buy a space heater at Lowe's.

3/04/09 - User (winstar99) who has granted 4 wishes and is the Featured Wish this week is looking for assistance with her daughter.  Her daughter who is 24 and developmentally delayed has a trach and is having troubles speaking due to scar tissue on her vocal cords.  She will be having surgery to reconstruct her airway but this will leave her with NO voice for at least 3 months during the recovery process.  There is a device through Digital Voice Technologies that would allow her to communicate her needs.  This device is called the MV-1000 and sells for $400.  Digital Voice Tech was contacted by User (mum2kaza) and they worked out a discount.  Walk On Heroes feels that there is no need more basic than being able to communicate, so we have provided the $200 balance to purchase this device.  Thank you Digital Voice Tech and Mum2kaza for providing assistance on this wish.

3/08/09 - User (inyourshoes2) who has granted 2 wishes is seeking assistance with her roof.  Her roof has been deteriorating and when it rains or snows her daughter's room is affected.  Walk On Heroes found that this wish was an immediate need.  Proof, pictures, etc were obtained.  Member (ckgan) and her husband volunteered to do the labor.  Walk On Heroes called on state chapters to help with the funding of this wish.  Between Walk On Heroes and 5 other state chapters we were able to raise over $440 to grant this wish.  This family will now have a new roof for their home.  Thank you to all those that helped.

3/08/09 - User (saraho1978) who has granted 26 wishes applied to Walk On Heroes for assistance with groceries.  She recently had surgery and her husband had to take off work for a week to help care for the kids.  Walk On provided the family with $75 to help with groceries.3/19/09 - User (hanna44587) who has granted 7 wishes is seeking assistance with some items for her child.  She was approved for the Miracle Diapers program but needs assistance with the shipping of $20.  She also has an Evenflo seat for her child that can no longer be used due to very frayed straps.  Evenflo was contacted and they stated because the seat was over a year old and she had no receipt they could not replace it, however they would give 50% off of the same car seat.  The cost for the seat at 50% off is $75.  Walk On Heroes has provided this user with $100 to purchase diapers and a car seat. 

 3/23/09 - User (jaleese) who has granted 20 wishes has ran out of wood pellets for her wood stove.  She lives in PA where the highs are currently in the 50's and the lows are still in the 20's.  She applied for assistance with Walk On.  One bag of wood pellets will last the family approx. 14 hours and the bags sell for $5 each at Wal-mart.  Walk On assisted this family with $70, enough to hopefully get them through 2 more weeks.

3/25/09 - User (rbeauchamp) is seeking assistance to get to Duke Hospital.  Her 7 year old son has C.H.A.R.G.E. Syndrome.  Due to this syndrome he is unable to smile or close his eye.  He has been approved for facial reanimation which will allow him to smile for the first time in his life.  The family is seeking hotel for the night before admission to the hospital, and for food and gas costs during travel times.  Walk On Heroes contacted the Brookwood Inn and they have donated a room to this family.  Thank you Brookwood Inn.  Walk On Heroes will also assist this family with $100 for food and gas.  There is nothing more basic and heartwarming then the smile of a child. 

3/25/09 - User (xray47) is seeking assistance with a walker.  He has had 4 back surgeries and is now 61 years old.  He is in need of a 500lb max walker with seat due to his weight. Walk On Heroes has contacted  The Medical Club and purchased the specific walker needed.  The Florida Chapter of Wish Upon A Hero has placed $100 towards this wish, the balance (approx. $100) was paid by Walk On.

4/4/09 - User (Luke638) who has granted 11 wishes is seeking assistance for a friends child who has had a defect since birth that has required a trach.  He has now had it for 5 years and is not able to talk or eat orally due to it.  Due to the frustration of not being able to communicate the little boy has now begun hitting himself.  He must wear weights on his wrists to prevent him from hitting himself.  The wisher is asking for assistance on getting a PALM device that allows the boy to communicate using a computer type device.  This device is sold by Digital Voice Tech.  The cost of this device is $400 for the PALM and the software together.  Shipping is $25.  We have contacted Digital Voice Tech and they have donated the software ($200 value).  We then called on Team Wish to help with the remaining $225.  Walk On Heroes started it off with $75, PA  state Chapter donated $60,  MA state $30, CT state $10, and the wisher put in $50 to make this wish fully granted.  Thanks to all the chapters and programs that have come together to grant this wish.

04/05/09 -  User (dlcummings) is seeking assistance to attend her granddaughter's murder trial.  Her granddaughter was killed viciously at the age of 14 months by the grandmother's daughters boyfriend.  The daughter was not home at the time.  The trial is scheduled to begin on May 11th and the grandmother would like to be there to support her daughter and the loss of her granddaughter.  She needs to get from New Mexico to Texas.  All documentation has been received from the wisher and the DA's office.  The wisher is in need of round trip airfare, and assistance with rental car, gas, parking, etc.  Walk On Heroes donated round trip airfare via Southwest Airlines and called upon Team Wish to be activated.  Team Wish answered that call in the following manner:  User (gunderstone) $210, User (suzee) $10, User (danniec) $20, MO State Chapter $35, NJ State Chapter $100, MA State Chapter $75, FL State Chapter $100.  Thank you TEAM WISH!! You can read more about this story at:  www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/news/localnew

4/12/09 - User (GodGaveUsAllWings) who has granted 22 wishes is seeking assistance to travel to Shriners Hospital for her son's care.  They are in search of 4 hotel nights due to the amount of traveling to and from.  A generous Wish Upon A Hero Member has donated 3 of the nights via hotel points.  Walk On Heroes donated $75 towards the 4th night.

4/31/09 - User (cntrygalhall) has a wish posted for assistance with a swing for her daughter. Her daughter is handicapped and can not sit up, walk or talk.  She has very limited mobility.  The swing that is being requested costs $1,165 (www.willygoat.com).  Walk On Heroes Co-Director Therese made contacts and Jensen Swing Company has donated the swing and frame to this child.  Thank you very much Jensen Swing Company.

4/31/09 - User (wastedconfession01) has a wish posted for assistance with medical costs.  Her son has Autism and needs to get to Childrens Hospital in Jackson, MS.  Walk On Heroes had put $75 towards the costs of food, gas, hotel, etc.

5/1/09 - User (Elyssacichy) has a wish posted to have her son taken to see a specialist in NY at NYU.  He suffers from severe intractable epilepsy.  The specialist is hopeful but they will incure $5000 in out of pocket medical costs.  This wish has been certified and verified.  Individual members have donated $3500 of the $5000.  Team Wish has been activated.  The Foundation has donated $100 and Walk On Heroes will match that with an additional $100.

5/18/09 - User (MrsHoward12565) is a stay at home mom to 4 wonderful children.  Her 11 yr. old daughter has just been diagnosed with Leukemia.  The family has had to miss some work due to being with her during chemotherapy.  Their hospital is also approx. 50 miles from their home adding extra strain on their finances.  They are currently in need of approx. $900 in order to get their daughter to and from Chemotherapy for the next 6 weeks and the misc. costs that go along with these medical trips.  Walk On Heroes has put forth a challenge to Heroes.  Walk On Heroes will match donations dollar for dollar up to $150.  This wish has currently reached $260 in donations, therefore Walk On Heroes has donated an additional $150.  Please donate today at:  http://www.wishuponahero.com/wishes/?id=2485515/22/09 - User (shutterug81) is Type I Diabetic, insulin dependent, and she currently was laid off her job.  She is in need of her diabetic supplies, low carb foods and groceries.  Illinois has donated $75 to this wisher to provide food for her.  Walk On Heroes has donated $80 to the wisher to provide the life sustaining medications she needs.

5/31/09 - User (memrjaky) and her family needs to make a trip to Salt Lake City for a surgery.  Walk On Heroes called upon the Royal Garden Inn and they donated 3 nights hotel stay for the family.  Walk On Heroes provided the wisher with $100 in gas cards for transportation costs.

6/01/09 - User (snowwilkins) husband was deployed to Iraq and sustained nerve damage while serving there.  He spent a year in Florida in the Wounded Warrior Program and during his absence their family had many difficulties including having to replace a furnace in their home, and replacing a motor in their vehicle.  Their fridge has recently stopped cooling stuff efficiently to the point where 2-3 days after putting food in it, it is spoiled.  Joyce also known as kokothegorilla contacted Lowes and got a discount on a brand new fridge.  Cost would be $400, and that included shipping.  Walk On Heroes asked other chapters and programs to join us in a Team Wish.  After approx. 48 hours Walk On Heroes, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Conneticut has pulled enough funds together to grant this wish.  Thank you for the wonderful teamwork!

6/02/09 - User (sassy07)'s son has been sleeping on an air mattress.  The air mattress is no longer usable.  Walk On Heroes Directors came together and purchased a new mattress for this child.  Total cost was $26.

6/22/09 - User (sweinman) has come to Wish Upon A Hero to team up with the Thomas Paine PTA.  Approx. 6 weeks ago one of the second graders (Grace) was diagnosed with Cancer.  There are many costs effecting the family.  Grace will need to have at least 2 years of chemotherapy.  Team Wish was activated on this wish and $1000 was raised to help support this family in their time of need.  Team Wish has raise $1000 for this child with cancer. The Foundation donated $100, the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, and the Connecticut Chapter donated $100, the Walk on Heroes Program donated $100 as well as a $100 from the Team Wish fund. Massachusetts donated $65, Tennessee donated $50. We even had a Pay it Forward winner (nannieto7) on Sunday nights WishTV who wanted to send this wish $50. The Missouri Chapter donated $140 to make it to $1000 mark. Good job Heroes! To see a video about Grace go here:  http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/video?id=6866327 6/22/09 - User (jnoble) has come to Walk On Heroes requesting assistance for a family that has lost everything in a fire.  The mother currently is serving her country in Afghanistan while the father is at home with the 5 month old baby.  A Wal-mart wishlist of items needed was posted and Walk On Heroes purchased $150 worth of items off this list.6/23/09 - User (CanadianMom) post a wish for her son Steven who has a very rare disease called Klippel Tranauney Syndrome (KTS).   Due to it being so rare he needs to be seen at a Clinic in Rocheseter, MN which is about a 14 hour drive from the families home.  Costs needed to make this trip are approx. $2100.  Walk On Heroes encouraged members of WISH UPON A HERO to donate to this wish.  Walk On Heroes placed a challenge, that if the members could donate $500, Walk On Heroes would donate $100 in addition.  Many members came together and made this happen.  If you would like to donate to this wish please go here:  http://www.wishuponahero.com/wishes/?id=2507717/11/09 - User (ConcreteFamily01) posts a wish for her son who is 6 and was born with Bi-Lateral Microtia which means he was born with no ears.  Reconstructive surgery was scheduled to start in CA on July 8th.  This surgery is not wholey covered by the families insurance and will cost them over $100,000.  Wish Upon A Hero has featured this wish, Walk On Heroes has donated $125 to the cause and between other heroes, the wish currently has brought in $1,075.00.  If you would like to donate to this wish please go to http://www.wishuponahero.com/wishes/?id=289345.

7/11/09 - User (Leace) posts a wish for her granddaughter who is facing her third open heart surgery.  The mother is expected to be off for a month to be with the child.  The expected expenses and shortfall is approx. $850.  Thanks to the Walk on Heroes, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Missouri, Mississippi, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Delaware Chapters this wish has been granted in full.

7/12/09 - User (Hampster9) posts a wish for natural cleaning and laundry supplies.  Her child suffers from peanut allergies, asthma, exema, hives, and other breathing conditions.  She is looking for safe natural supplies to use that will be better for her child.  Walk On Heroes contacted Seventh Generation (www.seventhgeneration.com) and they graciously agreed to send the family a care package.  Thank you Seventh Generation!!!

7/16/09 - User (joanmarie1962) posts a wish for assistance with travel expenses.  Her daughter is having removal of a tumor from her kidney in Philadelphia.  Approximate cost is $100.  Walk ON Heroes along with the assistance of the Missouri Chapter has granted this wish in full.

7/17/09 - User (losteyelynn) posts a wish for a new prosthetic eye.  The one she currently has is 25 years old and is uncomfortable and does match her other eye.  CKGAN (Cyndi), Wish Ambassador contacted Silicone Ocular who originally quoted $1900 for this proceudre.  They graciously have offered to do this for $1000.  Walk On Heroes and Missouri Chapter granted this wish in full.  Approximately another $400 will be needed for travel costs. 

7/30/09 - User (deleketala) gave birth to premature twins in December of 2008.  Genevive was born 3lbs. 1 oz. and her sister Lillian 1 lb. 13 oz.  2 weeks later Genevive suddnely got sick and passed away.  The family was unable to afford a tombstone.  Walk On Heroes contacted many companies and Mike's Laser Etching (www.mikeslaseretching.com) is providing the family with a Tombstone Marker that they may customize with whatever lettering, design, and photos they wish.  We hope to have pictures posted at a later date.  Thank you Mike's Laser Etching!!  You are true heroes!







10/16/09 - A 19 year old girl had been dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues, but was beginning on the road to recovery.  She enrolled in community college but two nights before she was suppose to leave she ended up overdosing on methadone.  Four days later this 19 year old girl was buried way too early in life.  The family is not able to afford a grave marker.  Walk On Foundation contacted Affordable Markers and together we were able to provide a proper resting place for this young lady.  Please if you are dealing with substance issues talk to someone TODAY!!





10/19/09 - A lady had been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and COPD.  She was in need of a Fingertip Pulse Oximeter and an Oxygen Meter.  Walk On Foundation contacted Portable Nebs (www.portablenebs.com) and they have granted this lady a portable pulse ox.  Thank you Portable Nebs.

10/19/09 - A Mifflinburg, PA lady was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Surgery took place this past week.  The family will incur a lot of time at the hospital.  West End Ambulance Association along with Walk On and other community members worked together on Saturday to raise $200 in donations.  Thank you to the local community for your support of this family.

11/01/09 - A 19 yr. old man is very sick and in a wheelchair.   Due to his health he is in need of Adult Diapers.  These diapers are expensive and the family can not currently afford them.  Walk On Foundation contacted Kimberly-Clark Corporation and they generously donated $21 of coupons to be used towards the diapers.

11/07/09 -  Mifflinburg, PA lady who was diagnozed with a brain tumor passed away on 11/04/09.  Local Ambulance Associations along with Walk On and other community members worked together at Harvey's Food Mart in Hartleton, PA to raise $390 for the family.  Thank you to the local community for your continued support.

11/08/09 - A child has autism and her parents are prepared to begin biomedically.  The most important test they need done is the OATS test (Organic Acid Test), but the test cost $297 and they can not financially afford that.  Walk On Foundation contacted Mr. Clymer of MyMedLab (www.mymedlab.com) concerning this testing.  MyMedLab has agreed to provide the testing for this Pottstown, PA girl.  You can view here wish at this link:  http://www.wishuponahero.com/wishes/?id=425701.  Thank you MyMedLab for your generosity!!



11/10/09 - Juleigh just graduated from high school and was looking forward to attending college this fall in pursuit of her dream of becoming a nurse. However she now faces brain surgery called Decompression Surgery for Chairi Malfromation.  Part of the base of her brain will need to be removed and part of the first couple of vertebra.  Juleigh wishes for a laptop so while in the hospital she can keep in touch with friends and family.  She also plans to utilize this laptop for college courses, even if they have to be taken from her hospital bed.  Walk On Foundation contacted Terry Sloan of Addax Computer in Shelby, North Carolina and he has graciously donated a laptop to Juleigh.  Thank you Addax Computer!!



11/11/09 - A two year old child with Cystic Fibrosis is in need of a portable nebulizer to help with breathing treatments.  Walk On Foundation contacted Ms. Simpson from Clinical Guard (www.clinicalguard.com) who has graciously donated a refurbished pediatric nebulizer for the family.  Thank you Clinical Guard!

11/12/09 - A 5 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy is unable to walk. She is in need of a gait trainer walker  that would show her how to walk.  These walkers cost between $2000 and $3000.  Walk On Foundation contacted Rifton  (www.rifton.com) who graciously has worked with Walk On Foundation to get this little girl the tolls she needs to help her walk.  Thank you RIFTON!!

11/13/09 - A 4 month old baby girl was born with a bilateral complete cleft palate, which basically means she was born without the roof of her mouth.  Because of this she is in need of special feeders.  Walk On Foundation contacted Add A Little Love (www.addalittlelove.com) and Pediatric Medical Solutions who both have generously offered to grant these special feeders to this precious little girl.  Thank you Add A Little Love and Pediatric Medical Solutions!!

11/16/09- A 2 year old boy has Restless Leg Syndrome and Limb Movement Disorder.   This toddler only sleeps 2-3 hours a night in 20-30 minute intervals.  Even with numerous medications no improvements are being noticed.  Parents are wishing to try a homeopathic approach.  They have located a bear that holds an herbal pouch that can contain herbs that will help relax and aid sleep for the boy.  Walk On Foundation contacted Relax with Flax (www.relaxwithflax.com) who has generously donated this aid to the family.  Thank you Relax with Flax!

11/16/09 - A 3 year old girl suffers from Supraventricular Tachycardia and was recently hospitalized in the ICU.   Parents are in need of a pulse oximeter to monitor her heart rate.  Walk On Foundation contacted Clinical Guard (www.clinicalguard.com) and they generously donated this to the family.  Thank you Clinical Guard for your continued support!!

11/21/09 - A 19 year old girl from Sunbury, PA suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, and Asthma.  Ashley Spotts is in need of a lung transplant.  Approximate out of pocket costs are $110,000.  Walk On Foundation, Pennsylvania Cystic Fibrosis Inc. (www.pacfi.org) and Kingdom Kidz (www.hiskingdomkidz.org) are workng together to raise the much needed funds.  PACFI started the fund off with $1000.  A fundraiser was held on this date and $645 was brought in from the fundraiser.  Other fundraisers are being planned.

11/27/09 -  A gentleman was diagnosed with Adnocarcenoma Lung Cancer.  He has a hard time sleeping laying down and he sits at the dinner table on a desk chair most of the night.  Hopes are that if he had a recliner, he would be able to get some rest.  11/13/09 the doctors notified him and the family that all they can do is keep him comfortable and in least amount of pain as possible.  Walk On Foundation contacted Wade Young of Turner Furniture who generously donated and delivered the recliner to this gentleman so he may rest easier.  Thank you Turner Furniture!!

12/01/09 - Juleigh is scheduled for brain surgery on 12/09/09.  The family wishes to stay close to her during this time.  Walk On Foundation contacted the Embassy Suites and they generously donated the stay.  Thank You Embassy Suites of Charlotte!!

12/06/09 -  Family from Wilkes Barre, PA recently had a mother and daughter diagnosed with neurofibromatosis also known as Elephant Man Disease.  They have been traveling back and forth from Wilkes Barre to Danville to see a neurologist.  Their daughter has an appointment coming up on 12/11/09.  Walk On Foundation has provided the family with a check for $60 to help with gas and food costs for the day.

12/06/09 - A 19 year old girl from Sunbury PA suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, and Asthma and is in need of a lung transplant.  Approximate out of pocket costs are $110,000.  A fundraiser was held on this date with a portion of the proceeds to go to Ashley's Angels Transplant Fund.  $117 was raised for Ashley's Angels.  Thank you to Kingdom Kidz Puppets and PACFI for their continued teamwork!

12/09/09 - A mother is asking for a ventriliqouist doll for her 7 year old autistic son.  He loves watching Jeff Dunham and saw a specific doll he had to have.  Walk On Foundation contacted numerous businesses.  After receiving no responses Walk On Foundation contacted Donna Bridge of Kingdom Kidz Puppet Ministries (www.hiskingdomkidz.org) which is a non profit organization local to Walk On Foundation.  Donna and her team were more than happy to purchase and donate the puppet requested by the mother.  Thank you Kingdom Kidz Puppet Ministries!!!

12/11/09 - A mother of 4 (2 which have severe asthma) is currently at the hospital with her 4 month old child.  She began having severe breathing problems when she was a month old.  She is on breathing treatments every 3 hours.  Her pulsox has dropped to a 71 (out of a 100) and she has currently been diagnosed with RSV and broncholitis and bronchial asthma while the hospital runs test for allergies.  The hospital is suggesting air purifiers in order to help make the home a healther living area for these children.  Walk On Foundation will be providing the family with an EdenPure Whole House Air Purifier.  Here is to healthier breathing....

12/19/09 - A Pennsylvania man, father, husband, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  The tumor has been removed and now he needs to go through chemo and radiation.  He is only 44 and doctors would like to treat him aggressively.  However, the insurance company will not pay for the chemo drug he needs ($10000, or $8750 through FamilyMeds) unless the tumor comes back and he is yet another step closer to death.  This is not acceptable.  Wish Upon A Hero Foundation has set up an account and for every $10 donated, they will match it with $20.  Walk On Foundation has went ahead and donated $200, therefore being matched by Wish Upon A Hero Foundation comes to a total donation of $600.  Please check out the wish here if you can help by making a donation:  http://www.wishuponahero.com/wishes/?id=477367


12/22/09 - A local PA woman has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and low vitamin deficiencies.  For the past 2 1/2 years she has had much trouble walking.  She actually had to retrain herself on taking steps.  Some days are worse than others.  More tests are being done, but in the meantime she is in need of assistance to get from here to there.  Autocrafting (www.autocrafting.com) out of New York heard her story and wanted to meet with her.  The family met with Autocrafting and they have donated a handicapped accessible van to this family.  The family must return next week to receive the vehicle.  The family is having trouble financially.  Walk On Foundation wants to make sure this trip happens.  Walk On Foundation has provided the family with $75 for traveling costs.  Thank you Auto Crafting for your generosity to this family!!!

12/31/09 -  A Paramedic is losing his hearing.  Each time his hearing is evaluated it is worse.  The family realizes that his hearing plays a vital part in his everyday job, and in saving lives.  The family is unable to afford a hearing aid to assist with his duties.  Walk On Foundation contacted Harris Communications who has generously donated an E-scope II Amplified Stethescope to help him while on the job.  Thank you Harris Communications (www.harriscomm.com) for your generosity!


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