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Walk On Foundation Inc.

Providing Medical Needs


Grants 2010

Posted by Joshua Richard on July 8, 2011 at 12:36 PM Comments comments (0)

01/07/10 - Samantha is a 25 year old with beautiful daughters. Samantha suffers from Cystic Fibrosis since the age of 2. About 6 years ago her health started to decline. Her lung function went from 80% to 23%. She wants to live long enough to see her kids graduate and even get married. Not an unreasonable request, we all want those things in life. Samantha must go to Barnes and Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO from January 24th - January 31st to see if she is a candidate for a double lung transplant. Her family will incur traveling costs, lodging costs, and food costs. Walk On Foundation contacted numerous hotels in the area to see if they could provide lodging. Hampton Inn & Suites graciously donated the full week stay. Thank you Hampton Inn & Suites.


01/22/10 - Marie Pompee is heading on a medical mission to Haiti. Thankfully her family was spared in the earthquake, however many others are suffering. Callie, Mary and Shelly of www.uniformsforuonline.com worked with Walk On Foundation Inc. to send 75 sets of medical scrubs with Marie. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Uniforms For U for their generosity. Our prayers are with the many effected by the recent earthquakes.


01/23/10 - Walk On Foundation & Kingdom Kidz Puppet Ministry (www.hiskingdomkidz.org) hosted an All You Can Eat Spaghetti Dinner & Blacklight Puppet Show. $600 in donations was raised for Ashley's Angels.


01/29/10 - 3 month old child has been in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit since December 9th, 2009. The exact cause of the symptoms have yet to be pinpointed. The parents wish to have an apnea monitor so when they bring their young child home he can be monitored and any crisis can be prevented. Walk On Foundation contacted SpaceLab Medical and they graciously donated the machine to this family. Thank you SpaceLabs (www.spacelabs.com).






02/04/10 - A 16 year old has Fragile X Syndrome, and a host of other disabling conditions. He was sleeping in a hospital bed that was paid by insurance back when he was 3 years old. The child has now outgrown this bed and insurance will not pay for a new one. The mother has found what is called a Safety Sleeper that she felt would be good for her child and keep him safe. You can see these at www.thesafetysleeper.com. While Walk On Foundation was not able to secure this specific bed type, we were able to make contact with New Care Therapies who was able to generously donate a bed and a Soma Enclosure. ABF generously donated shipping for this large item. Thank you to these two companies for your generosity!



02/11/10 - A 4 month old boy was diagnosed with Plagiocephaly (flat head). He is in need of a cranial helmet but the families insurance will not cover it. The cheapest helmet they could find was $1200 and they are unable to afford that. Hanger Prosthetics was contacted and generously donated a helmet for this little boy. Thank you Hanger Prosthetics!!


02/13/10 - A 16 month old boy has hydrocephalus and just had his second brain surgery. The family just found out last week that the boy has developed another hematoma. The child has just begun walking and this time is crucial in protection of his head. The family is in need of a safety helmet. Walk On Foundation contacted Baby No Bumps (www.babynobumps.com) and they generously donated a helmet for this boy. Thank you Baby No Bumps!!


02/15/10 - A 11 year old girl has Rheumotoid Arthritis and has a hard time walking. They have been fighting the insurance to get her a walker with a seat attached. Walk On Foundation went ahead and purchased the walker at cost of $109 plus tax. It is our hope that this will allow her to have comfort in walking.


02/22/10 - A 40 year old has had Macular Degeneration for over 25 years and is legally blind. This person is asking for assistance with an alarm clock for the blind so they may have a little more independence. Walk On Foundation located this product and purchased it. http://www.moshilifestyle.com/Product/VoiceControlVCAlarmClock


02/22/10 - A few weeks ago this gentleman has a open heart surgery with double bypass and valve repair. He is still in the hospital and very ill. He has 20lbs of fluid built up (mainly in his lungs). He is on a lot of new meds. In the event of an emergency these meds and his condition need to be known. His granddaughter has come across a product she things would help. This product is sold at www.averyspecialheart.com. A Very Special Heart was contacted by Walk On Foundation and they have generously donated this product to this gentleman. Thank you A Very Special Heart!!



03/05/10 - A 2 year old suffers from epileptic enchepalopathy. He currently takes Topamax which causes him to over heat and he is unable to regulate his body temperature. He is in need of cooling supplies such as a cooling vest and a neck cooler. Another individual was able to help with the cooling vest. Walk On Foundation Inc. purchased the neck cooler from www.coolingapparel.com for $12 plus shipping.


03/06/10 - A Ham Pot Pie Dinner and Puppet Show was held at the Masonic Lodge in Sunbury, PA for Ashley's Angels Transplant Fund. A total of $1,215.50 was raised for Ashley. Ashley is still hospitalized but continues to improve after undergoing a double lung transplant. Thank you to the community, Masonic Lodge, and Kingdom Kidz for your support at this event.



03/12/10 - A young girl suffers from hypotonia, encepalapathy, macrocephaly, PDDNOS, sensory intergration dysfunction, and phonological processing disorder. The child is in need of many therapy items. One of them is a therapy ball. Ball Dynamics was contacted and they graciously donated a 65cm ball to this young girl (a $38 value). Thank you Ball Dynamics (www.balldynamics.com)


03/26/10 - A family has a newborn that requires a special kind of formula. The child has tried prescription medication but to no avail. Enfamil AR seems to help however WIC will not cover this formula. Walk On Foundation provided the family with 3 24 oz. cans at a total of $76.01. Walk On also contacted Enfamil and they will be sending the family a case and providing them info on monthly programs. Thank you Enfamil!!


04/01/10 - A gentleman takes 8 diffrent medications daily. one of them (Effient) costing $173 a month. The family is unable to afford the prescription this month. Walk On Foundation placed a $1 for $1 match on the need. Members of Wish Upon A Hero helped provide $87.50 towards the need, and Walk On Foundation provided the other $87.50 directly to Wal Mart Pharmacy.



04/01/10 - An eleven year old boy suffers from a rare medical condition.  He has been featured in Parents Magazine and on Montel Williams.  He is allergic to many things including the sun.  If he gets too warm he immediately suffers from hives that within hours turn into oozing blisters which permanately scar him.  There are also many other side effects.  He must wear a speical suit and a cooling vest.  This special suit is the same used for the astronauts and is specially done by a seamstress. Walk On Foundation received all documentation on this childs condition and has purchased the special suit for this child so he may enjoy the sun.

04/11/10 -  A family is dealing with a teen child that is addicted to drugs.  Each therapy sesssion costs out of pocket for the family until their co pay is met.  $100 was provided to cover the costs of this therapy.

05/07/10 -   A very young girl has complex congenital heart defects which causes low blood oxygen levels.  Over the past weeks she has had several episodes of chest pains which required ER visits.  It was determined that the chest pain was coming from her heart racing and the scar tissue.  Her pulse ox used for monitoring is broken and the family is in need of a new one in order to monitor this young child.   Walk On Foundation Inc. purchased a new pulse oximeter from Amazon.com that fulfuills the families needs.  Cost is $169.00.  You can view more about this young child at www.littlezippers.com/jozlynns-story.php.

05/07/10 -   Last month a lady fell and bruised the bones on both sides of her foot.  She also sprained it.  A shower chair was provided to her however upon getting out of the bath she fell and cracked the shower chair.  She now can not get in and out of the bath tub easily.  Walk On Foundation paid $27 to www.activeforever.com to purchase her a new one.

05/07/10 - Applicants mother had a mastectomy a few years ago and was never given breastforms to allow her to feel like a woman.  Her sizes were obtained and Walk On Foundation ordered these for this lady costing $42.98.


05/12/10 -  This infant has severe apnea due to being born prematurely with a large teratoma.  The family was told to terminate the pregnancy at 18 weeks as she would have no chance, but the family gave her a chance and 5 weeks after birth the only issue showing is the apnea.  The family is in need of a Nanny Baby Breath Monitor that will alert them should their child stop breathing.  Walk On Foundation contacted Mediquipped (www.mediquipped.com) and they have agreed to donate this to the family.  Value is approx. $109.  Thank you Mediquipped!!!                                                                                                            

05/13/10 -  A local family of 3 is currently dealing with numerous medical conditions, consults, etc.  The family must travel to Philadelphia on May 23rd to May 25th and is in need fo a hotel room.  Walk On Foundation contacted the Crowne Plaza in Philadelphia (www.cpcityavenue.com) and the graciously donated a 2 night stay complimentary.  This is valued at $328.  Thank you Crowne Plaza!!

05/15/10 - A local elderly lady is in need of a wheelchair.  Walk On Foundation provided this 90 year old lady with a wheelchair donated by Home HealthCare.  Approx. value $96.  Thank you Home HealthCare!! 

06/01/10 - A families young boy was taken to the hospital via helicopter in the middle of the night due to pulmonary issues.  He was admitted to the PICU for a heart catheter, and an ECHO showed that the right side of his heart is very weak, his liver is enlarged and the hypertension of his lungs is severe.  The family is approx. 3 hours away from their home.  They have secured lodging but do not have the resources for food and/or gas.  Walk On Foundation has donated $100 to the family to assist during this time of medical crisis.

06/02/10 - A child in MN was recently admitted to Childrens Hospital because she was not gaining or maintaining her weight even though she is eating regularly.  The child has a milk allergy so they switched her to a high calorie soy drink called Bright Beginnings.  The child is to drink at least 2 cans of this a day.  2 cases of 24 drinks were purchased for this family from Diapers.com by Walk On Foundation at the cost of $66.53.


06/09/10 - A child with many special medical needs suffers from epilepsy and the heat can sometimes produce these seizures.  A cooling vest is needed to help reduce these episodes.  Walk On Foundation purchased this for the 6 year old child  at the cost of $62.05.

06/12/10 -  A 6 week old girl was diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis and had to have surgery to correct it.  While in the hospital they switched her formula and suggested the child remain on the Similac Sensitive.  WIC has denied covering this type of formula and the parents are unable to continue wtih this expense.  Walk On Foundation bought the child a 6 pack of Smiiac Sensitive which should last approx. 3 months.   Total cost was $125.97.

06/14/10 -  A lady suffers from severe allergies and is on a list of medications to try and help with the allergies.  Doctor suggested she purchase an air purifier for her home to help remove the allergens.   Walk On Foundation purchased her two of these through Walmart.com in order to supply more purification throughout the whole home.  Total cost was $116.

06/14/10 -  A child in MN who was assisted on 6/2/10 (see above) has to take a high calorie soy drink called Bright Beginnings.  We previously purchased these through Diapers.com at $66.53 for 48 of them.   We have located these through another source at $32 for 96 of them.  We have went ahead and purchased 96 of them (approx. another month and a half worth) for this child.

07/30/10 - A lady who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis wishes for a 3 month YMCA membership so she may begin exercising in hopes of staying strong and not having a need for a wheelchair.   Walk On Foundation sent $82 directly to the YMCA for her membership.


08/03/10  - A families child age 12 suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and is currently hospitalized at John Hopkins in Maryland.   She will need to stay for approx 2-4 more weeks.   During this stay the family is incurring gas, parking, and food expenses.   The family has provided us with a letter of diagnosis from the doctor and the hospital has provided us with word that there is no resources available to assist this family financially during their stay.  Walk On Foundation is providing this family with $200 to help alleviate some of these costs.

08/05/10 - A young boy has a mitochondrial disorder and has heat regulation issue.   The family has tried multiple strategies to keep him cool.  They are losing their medicaid and are now responsible for over $4000 in medical expenses.  Their son is currently trapped inside as stepping outside causes him to loose energy and sort of "wilt".  WIth a cooling vest they believe he would be able to go out and play and have a chance at a more normal life.   Walk On Foundation purchased a cooling vest for this child at the cost of $55.  It is our hope that this brings the young child some relief with his condition.

08/30/10 - This 3 year old girl suffers from Angelman Syndrome which is a neurological disorder associated with development delay, cognitive impairment, little or absent speech, and difficulty walking due to a stiff and unsteady gait. She has significant developmental delays in the areas of speech and language, fine and gross motor, and adaptive behavior.  She also has a clinically high level or affective problems due to the difficulties she has with sleep.   She does not maintain sleep.  She sleeps for a few hours and then is up in the middle of the night roaming the house.  The most she sleeps at a time is 2 to 3 hours.  She communicates non verbally with gestures (she has no functional speech).  She is not walking on her own and needs constant supervisions because she creeps and climbs very quickly.   The child is in need of a Safety Sleeper (see www.thesafetysleeper.com).  These usually sell for approx. $1500, however the Safety Sleeper provide a discount, and the new total was $1084.98  The Fairfield County Society for Children and Adults with Disabilities contributed $600 towards the cost.   Walk On Foundation along with members of Wish Upon A Hero provided the balance of $484.98.

08/31/10 - A local Purple Heart Iraqi War Vet was recently in a vehicular accident that has left him hospitalized and with numerous injuries.   Modifications will be needed to his home.  Walk On Foundation hosted a photo contest in order to raise funds for this local hero.    $550 was raised and will be presented to the family.  Thank you to all who came out to support him!

10/23/10 - A local woman is fighting cancer and is currently paying for her medications out of pocket and other medical expenses.   Walk On Foundation held a Kern Run Craft Bingo which raised $692.   50% of that went to this local lady.   $346.   Thank you to all who came out to support her!

11/09/10 -  Doctor has requested that person's blood pressure be monitored while at home because it has been rising quicly over the past month for no apparent reason.  Medicaid will not pay for it.  Documentation was provided and Walk On Foundation has purchased this item at a cost of $30.55.

11/09/10 -  Mother has a 2 month old son who has been put on Nutramigen Lipil with Enflora LGG due to protein sensitivity.  The cans in here run approximately $27 each and she uses approximately 12 a month.   Walk On Foundation has purchased 8 cans for a total of $169.92

11/09/10 -  A local boy named Daniel was diagnosed 6 weeks after being born with Biliary Atresia.   He has had many hospitalizations in his first year of life and has recently gone through a liver transplant at Pittsburgh Children's Hospital.  He received a liver recently and is living in the Ronald McDonald House with his mother.   His father and family travels back and forth between their home here locally and to Pittsburgh.  Walk On Foundation has assisted the family with $200 in Gas Cards to help with these trips.

11/23/10 - A York, PA lady is in need of a certain medication.  Documentation was provided, pharmacy was contacted and medication was paid directly to pharmacy in amount of $107.95.

12/06/10 - A Union County man is in need of a certain medication.   Documentation was provided, pharmacy was contacted and medication was paid directly to pharmacy in amount of $36.

12/13/10 - A Union County boy, age 4, is in need of an allergen dog.   This boy named Isaac has many allergies including a severe one to peanuts.   This allergen dog would alert the boy if there is peanuts in his food, nearby, or even have been eaten by a person that is in close contact with the boy.  The cost of this dog is $10000, which includes the training and release of the dog to the family.   A goal of raising $5000 by December 10th was set in order to purchase the dog and begin training.   With the communities support this goal was met.   The dog will be purchased and will begin training.  A second goal of $5000 has been set and we pray will be reached by June 2011.  If you would like to support this fund please see www.isaacspeanutdog.com.   All funds raised were from donations and or fundraisers by the community. 


12/15/10 - A young child is dealing with weight and eating issues.   Her mother has requested assistance with Pediasure.  WIC and her insurance will not cover it.   The child is currently using 1-2 bottles of Pediasure a day, more on sick days.  Walk On Foundation has purchased the child 72 bottles, approx. a month worth from www.walmart.com in the amount of  $135.22.

12/15/10 - A Pennsylvania lady is suffering from heart and liver failure and complications with swelling of fluids which has to be drained weekly.   The lady is in need of a Commercial grade Step Stool to get in and out of her vehicle and also in and out of her bed.   She is also in need of an oximeter in order to measure her oxygen levels.   Walk On Foundation has purchased the lady the stool requested from www.stepstooluniverse.com in the amount of  $84.89 and an oximeter from www.amazon.com in the amount of 35.95.

12/15/10 - A Pennsylvania lady suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.  During the summer months her apartment gets extremely warm and effects her MS.   She is requesting an air conditioner to keep her apartment cooler and more bearable.   The heat can sometimes be debilitating to her MS.   Walk On Foundation has purchased this lady an air conditioner from Amazon.com in the amount of  $169.94.

12/17/10 - A Union County, PA family has requested a membership to the local YMCA.  Their 4 year old son was diagnosed with Legg Perthes Disease which effects the hip and the mobility of his leg.   Swimming, Bicycling, etc will benefit this child.  Walk On Foundation contacted the Greater Susquehanna Valley YMCA and they have generously donated a membership to  this family in the amount of $672.00