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Posted by Joshua Richard on July 9, 2011 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

01/08/11 -  A Pennsylvania mother has a very severe asthmatic daughter.    She has missed 3 weeks of school due to these constant episodes.   The mother has put in a request for an air purifier, allergy free mattress cover, and allergy free pillow covers.   Walk On Foundation Inc. has granted their wish in the amount of  $85.35

01/24/11 -  A Mifflinburg, PA mother of 3 has been diagnosed with two severe autonomic conditions which effect her daily life and her ability to walk.   She is seeking a motorized wheelchair so she may be a little more independent and spend time with her children.   A local Central PA resident donated an electronic wheelchair that is valued at approx. $1700.   The MIlton Standard Journal ran a story and community residents donated $355 towards the chair and medical costs.   The chair that was donated was in excellent condition and only need new batteries.   Walk On Foundation purchased these for $141.38, had them installed and the chair works wonderfully.   A check was presented to the family in the amount of $215.

02/12/11 - A Milton, PA boy age 15 months  has been diagnosed with Severe Congenital Neutropenia and will need to have a bone marrow transplant.   In addition they have found a mass on his lungs in which he will need to undergo surgery.   The bone marrow transplant will take place at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia around February 14th.   Approx. travel costs including lodging at Ronald McDonald, Food, Gas, Parking, etc. is $1100.   Walk On Foundation has donated $250 towards these costs.

02/16/11 -  A Cameron, MO 52 yr. old man with Parkinson's Disease has missed numerous appointments due to transportation issues.   The man has been trying for months to get his car fixed, have transportation provided, to and from hospital, etc. only to run into roadblock after roadblock including most local agencies to him telling him they are out of funding.   We received documentation on medical condition, car estimate for repairs, proof of ownership, spoke with the garage and much more.   While Walk On Foundation does not make it a habit to assist with car repairs we truly felt that his needs were being ignored and causing further medical incapability.   Therefore we have sent $464.06 to Dave's Motor Service in Cameron, MO to assist with this repair.   

03/05/11 -  A Chinese auction and 50/50 was held to help raise funds for young boy with Severe Congenital Neutropenia as listed above.   Walk On Foundation Inc. sponsored the 50/50.  While the 50/50 only raised $58 for the young boy, the Chinese Auction was able to raise over $1000.   Thanks to all who came out to support this family.

03/19/11 -  As of this date the goal of $10,000 has been met in order to have Ender  "The Peanut Dog" trained and brought to Mifflinburg, PA to meet up with Isaac, a young boy with numerous allergies including one to peanuts.   See our page under Events and Isaac's Peanut Dog to learn more.   Thank you to all those that helped support this family.  

05/02/11 -  A family in Sunbury, PA became victim to a fire and loss everything.   Walk On Foundation held their Annual Fashion Show and provided the family with $710 in funding to help with the loss.

05/13/11 -  A gentleman in Delaware County, PA was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer which has already spread to his liver and pelvis.  In addition to cancer, he recently suffered a heart attack as a result of the aggressive chemotherapy.  Walk On Foundation assisted him with $95 for his prescription and $75 in form of a Wal-Mart gift card to assist with other medical items that are needed.

07/16/11 - A gentleman is in need of going to hospital approx. 2 hours away for a day full of testing and is requestng assistance with gas funds.  A community member wished to assist in this need and provided $40 to Walk On Foundation to place towards this families need.   The family will now travel 2 hours on 7/19/11 for the testing.   Thank you to those who support our mission!!

09/12/11 - A local family is taking their toddler son from Central PA to GMC every 2 weeks following a liver transplant and for other medical related appointments.   They are in need of assistance with gas to get to and from these appointments.   Walk On Foundation granted them $250 in gas cards to assist with this need.

09/17/11 - Walk On Foundation was able to assist and 8 month old boy and his family from the Danville, PA area who are in need of taking their son who has OEIS (issues with spinal cord, lower intestine, and other lower area development) get to Children's Hospital in Cincinnati this Monday. Walk On assisted with $300 in Gas Cards.

10/10/11 -  A West Virginia family needs to travel to Ohio for care for their 5 year old daughter who has kidney issues.   The trip is approx. 200 miles and Walk on Foundation assisted with $100 in gas cards.

10/24/11 - A Michigan man needs to get to PA for further testing before undergoing kidney donation to a young man in kidney failure.   Cost of airfare is approx. $390.   Walk On Foundation held a bake sale and raised $190 to assist with these costs.

11/7/11 -  A lady with multiple medical issues is in need of a shower chair.  Walk On Foundation went ahead and purchased this item at a cost of approximately $45.

12/18/11 - A 20 year old Pennsylvania male was involved in an auto accident 5 years ago that left him with left side paralysis and aplashia.  Documentation from his doctors, therapist and school show that utilizing an IPAD 2 and some of the applications on the IPAD have allowed him to communicate, interact, and learn with more ease.   Walk On Foundation is assisting this young man by purchasing him an IPAD 2.  Merry Christmas and here is to a wonderful new year ahead!







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