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Walk On Foundation Inc.

Providing Medical Needs


Grants 2012

Posted by Joshua Richard on January 20, 2012 at 12:25 PM Comments comments (0)

01/12/12 - A gentleman from Sunbury, PA was in the hospital for nearly 2 months before being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  Walk On Foundation assisted him with his Home Owner's Insurance during this hospitalization at the cost of $206.34

02/10/12 - A lady from Georgia who has a rare form of cancer needs to go to a hospital in Texas for treatment.  Walk On Foundation provided the husband and wife with round trip airfare so she may receive the treatment needed.   The cost was $714.

03/12/12 - A Danville, PA man was involved in a horrific motorcyle accident that has left him unable to walk.  His insurance company provided him with a manual wheelchair.  Walk On Foundation visited this man's home which is on a VERY steep hill and would not be friendly at all to manual wheelchair usage.  His need was for a electric wheelchair that could manage the hill in front of his home.  Insurance company and other agencies were unable to assist.  Area Agency on Aging referred the gentleman to Walk On Foundation.  Walk On Foundation, thanks to a generous donation by the Bennett family was provided an electric wheelchair with all the bells and whistles.   The chair new is valued at $20,000.  Due to previous usage, we value this donation to be approximated at $10,000. 

03/12/12 - A Central PA family is in need of a Safety Sleeper (www.thesafetysleeper.com) for their 6 year old girl who is diagnosed with Autism, Sensory Disorders, and Mentally Handicapped.  Due to these diagnoses they fear for her safety.  Walk On Foundation contacted The Safety Sleeper, who provided us with a discount.  Walk On Foundation went ahead and purchased this item for the family at a cost of $1,399.98.  It is our hope that the family may be able to rest a little easier knowing their child is safe in her bed.

04/09/12 - Two small twin boys in Rhode Island suffer from many special needs that has their family concerned for their safety and is seeking a solution for their children when they are sleeping.   Walk On Foundation has went ahead and purchased each child a safety tent at $100 each.  Website of purchase to be posted soon.   The company worked with us on a discount.  Walk ON Foundation paid out of budget $200 for these items.   It is our hopes that this family may enjoy more sleep and thoughts of safety.

04/09/12-  A man is in need of assistance with prescription costs.  Walk On Foundation assisted with $220 directly to pay this cost.

05/06//12 -A young boy with many medical disorders is in need of a Nickel Tent bed for his own safety.  Walk On Foundation assisted with $100 to purchase this item.

05/06/12 - A man whom has a degenerative disease is in need of assistance with a co-pay for a shot.  Cost is $100.  Walk On Foundation assisted this man directly.

05/06/12 -  A man with Stage 4 Colon Cancer is in need of assistance witb prescriptions.  Cost is $125 and Walk On Foundation has assisted.

05/06/12 - A child with numerous disorders is in need of a special car seat for his safety.  Walk On Foundation received all documentation and purchased the car seat in the amount of $734.95.

06/11/12- A 5 year old who has had two strokes and a heart defect is in need of a special wheelchair.  Walk On Foundation has picked up the cost of $460.

07/01/12 - A 6 year old from Mifflinburg, PA is in a wheelchair for the next 6-8 weeks.  Bayada Services requested our assistance with wheelchair ramps so child may get in and out of house easier.   We placed ramps at the house that we had.  There was no cost associated with this grant.

07/16/12 - A lady from New Columbia is in need of assistance with life sustaining meds.  With proper documentation we have went ahead and provided the amount of $283.34 directly to the pharmacy.

07/23/12 - A 4 year old boy in Washington is currently sleeping in a crib tent.  He has PDD-NOS and ADHD and parents fear for his safety.  The family was in need of assistance with a Nickel Tent Safety Bed.   Walk On Foundation purchased it in the amount of $125.

07/23/12 - A 6 year old girl from Texas who has Autism is in need of a Nickel Tent Safety Bed for her safety.  Walk On Foundation pruchased from Ready, Set, Bloom LLC in the amount of $100.  This one was discounted due to back order.

07/23/12 - A 33 month old boy from North Carolina who Ceberal Palsy and Autism along with many other special needs is requesting a Nickel Tent Safety Bed.  Walk On Foundation received all proper documentation and purchased the bed from Ready, Set, Bloom LLC at the cost of $125.

07/23/12 - A lady from Sunbury, PA suffers from medical problems including fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and degenerative arthritis.   The family is requesting a wheelchair for their mother.  Walk On Foundation has an electric wheelchair in their possession that was donated by a community member.  The wheelchair was just in need of a new charger that cost $37.  Walk On Foundation Inc. fixed the wheelchair and will provide it to this family.

07/23/12 - A young boy from Sunbury, PA will need to be hospitalized for 3-8 months at Children's Hopsital of Philadelphia.  The parents are in search of assitance with fundraising.  The family has been granted access to fundraise for their son at our fundraisers and events and also will allow Walk On to place funds in a special account until the time of admission and need.

07/23/12 - A 4 year old from Kansas has autism and infantile scoliosis and is in need of an enclosed bed to keep him from wandering off at night.   Walk On Foundation has purchased a Nickel Tent Safety Bed from Ready, Set, Bloom LLC at the cost of $125.

08/09/12 - A man from Sunbury, PA who has stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer is in need of a wheelchair carrier for the back of their family car in order to get around.  Walk On Foundation has granted the wheelchair carrier through harborfreight.com at cost of $201.93 and a new hitch and installation with lifetime guarantee through Uhaul of Shamokin Dam at cost of $257.

08/09/12 - A four year old boy from Danville, PA who suffers from OEIS must go to Ohio for medical appointments at end of August.  Family is requesting assistance with travel costs.  Walk On Foundation will provide $100 in gas cards to the family.

08/18/12 - A young Sunbury, PA boy needs to travel to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia this coming Tuesday for appointments.  Walk On Foundation will help the family with $20 in gas and approx $50 in food (in the form of Sheetz certificates) for their day of appointments.

09/11/12 - A young Sunbury, PA boy needs to travel to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia again on September 18th for appointments.  Walk On Foundation will help the family with $75 towards costs.

09/11/12 - A Idaho woman who is a parapalegic and also has seizures is requesting a safety rail for the side of her bed so when having a seizure she does not fall out.  Walk On Foundation will purchase this from Walmart.com for $63.90.

10/10/12 - A Shamokin, PA teen who has Cerebaral Palsy has outgrown his old wheelchair.   They are in search of an adult wheelchair for him.   Walk On Foundation has purchased the requested chair from Walmart at the price of $200.18.

10/10/12 - A Florida family is dealing with a very ill child who has been hospitalized 200 days out of the past year.   They make many trips to the doctors every week.  Their documented mileage exceeds 600 miles every month ONE WAY to these appointments.  They are requesting assistance with gas costs.   Walk On Foundation has provided them with $300 towards gas.

10/26/12 - A woman is dealing with many medical issues and doctors have referred her to a hospital in MN for more evaluation and treatment.  Expected stay is 1-4 weeks.  The husband will be traveling with her while she is an inpatient.  Walk On Foundation Inc. has granted the family a one week stay at Great Value hotel in MN.    Cost of stay is $318.24.

11/06/12 -  A Union County, PA woman was involved in a vehicle accident and is currently in a nursing home.  The family would like to be able to have her home on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.  The nursing home requires that a wheelchair accessible transport be used.  Walk On Foundation Inc has approved to transport the family in our wheelchair accessible van.  The only cost to Walk On Foundation will be gas.  The dollar amount will be listed after the Christmas holiday.

12/12/12 - A Mifflinburg, PA family has a 10 year old girl who is effected by Ceberal Palsy.   This has caused a communication barrier between the child and the parents, the child and her friends and the child and medical staff.  A request was made for the IPAD and the Proloquo2go app to assist the child in need to communicate with the above when she is hungry, in trouble, etc.   Walk On Foundation each reached out to the community through Facebook by creating a page called "GIFT OF A VOICE".  Within 48 hours, the GIFT OF A VOICE had raised enough funds to provide this family with the IPAD ($399), Proloquo2go App ($190), and $300 to assist with other needs.  A huge thank you to the community who helped provide this voice.  Also we would like to include that many of the donors provided monetary donations in honor of Heather Lyons, a MIfflinburg, PA student that passed away in 1997 in a horrible vehicle accident.  Heather had a beautiful voice and is now speaking through those that have gave.  RIP HEATHER!  You will never be forgotten.

12/12/12 - A Selinsgrove, PA family has a 5 year old with developmental delays.  This child is still going through genetic testing for a diagnosis.  This child also was provided the GIFT OF A VOICE by the same method listed above.  The family will receive an IPAD ($399), Proloquo2go App ($190), and $300 to assist with other needs.  IN addition a Communication Specialist from Virgina will be coming up to Pennsylvania the week between Christmas and New Years to show these children the functions of the App and how to get the most from it.

12/12/12 - A Bloomsburg, PA family has a 11 year old boy with Aspergers and a number of other disorders.  This has prevented the child from riding a bike.  The family wants the child to be able to ride with his friends.   They are requesting a medically adaptive trike.  Walk On Foundation Inc has provided this trike at a value of ($549).  This item was donated by a Shamokin, PA family when their child no longer needed it.   

12/28/12 -  A Louisiana man is scheduled to undergo some testing on 1/3/13 but does not have the $150 copay the Clinic is requesting. After receiving all proper documentation the $150 copay was paid in full to the Clinic in which his testing will be done.

12/30/12 - A Michigan lady has Ceberal Palsy and is in need of special type of cup.  There cups are hard to  find and very limited number of them in stock.  She had been using the same one over and over for 4 years and was in desperate need of a new one.   The Layne & Therese Spaid family of Mifflinburg came forward and donated $26 to cover one of these cups.  Walk On Foundation matched that and placed out the other $26 to purchase a second one.   Thank you to the Spaid family for your support!