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Posted by Joshua Richard on February 5, 2013 at 4:30 PM

02/01/13 - A lady from Lake Aerial, PA is disabled and must use an electric wheelchair.  Her wheelchair batteries have died.  Walk On Foundation purchased the batteries needed at cost of $285.80

02/01/13 - A Danville, PA family has a small boy with TAR Syndrome.  The boy is in need of traveling to Baltimore, MD in March for further evaluations.  The family was in need of assistance with travel costs.  Walk On Foundation has provided the family with $200 towards their travel. In addition The Inn at the Collonade in Baltimore has provided the family a 2 night complimentary stay.  Thank you to Inn at the Colonnade for their hospitality.

02/01/13 - A Marion Heights, PA family brought into the world a wonderful small child on 12/21/12.  The child was born with intestines on the outside and has remained hospitalized.  The family is requesting assistance with gas costs to and from Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA.  Walk On Foundastion has approved them for $175 in gas cards to Sheetz.

02/01/13 - A lady in Alabama has lymphedema in both legs.  Her doctors suggested she get prosthetics, however due to lack of insurance, the cost for these are not in the ladies budget.  Therefore the doctors have suggested Ready Wraps for both her legs.  Walk On Foundation has ordered these in her size and is having them shipped to her directly at the cost of  $748.80.

02/01/13 - A Milton, PA family has twins that were born in December.  The one twin has a heart condition and will have surgery in the beginning of February.  Walk On Foundation has sent the family $205 that was donated by the community to assists in medical costs.

02/11/13 - A Swengel, PA man has been in the nursing home for approx. 9 months.  He is coming home this week and is in need of an electric recliner to assist with him getting up and down and resting.  Walk On Foundation has one in storage that was donated to us and is in excellent condition.  This recliner will be delivered to this man for his use.

02/15/13 - A Milton, PA family who has a young boy who had open heart sugery that has been transferred from Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA to Childrens Hospital in Philadelphia and is on life support.  We have provided the family with $400 to utilize towards the hospitalization and stay away from home.

03/10/13 - A Sunbury, PA family must take an unexpected trip to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia this coming Tuesday for treatment of their young boy.  Walk On Foundation granted them $30 in gas funds and a Sheetz Coupon book for their trip.

03/19/13 - A Selinsgrove, PA family has a 10 year old son with Down Syndrome who is in need of a communicative device. The IPAD 2 and the Proloquo2go app will be purchased for this child at the cost of $629.


03/19/13 - A Watsontown, PA couple suffers from a number of ailments and is in need of a shower chair to assist with bathing. Walk On Foundation will purchase one that meets their needs.


03/19/13 - A Milton, PA  family continues to be by their baby boys side at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where he has been for over a month and in critical condition following a heart surgery. The family is in need of assistance with ongoing expenses. If you would like to assist this family in their continued stay in Philadelphia please contact us. Walk On Foundation will be sending them $600 to assist. This $600 is being utilized from the funds granted to us through REW Financial.

04/12/13 - A Lewisburg, PA family who is dealing with a brain tumor must travel to Pittsburgh for further evaluation.  Walk On Foundation has provided the family with a $100 gift card to assist with this trip.

04/12/13 - A Landisburg, PA family who is dealing with a family member with Cancer must travel from Landisburg, PA to Hershey, PA daily for treatments.   The American Cancer Society referred this family to us and we will be assisting with a $100 Gas Card.  

05/21/13 -  A local man was in need of a walker in order to be more mobile.  We have lent him one that we had in our office.

05/21/13 - A Sunbury, PA man who has cancer needs assistance with co-pays.  Walk On Foundation paid $100 directly to his doctor's office.

06/17/13 - A Pittsburgh, PA 3 year old boy was recently diagnosed with Complex I Mitochondrial Disorder and is in need of a cooling vest and blanket.  Walk On Foundation purchased these items at the cost of $105.

07/19/13- A Connellsvilla, PA woman must undergo chemo and radiation for Breast Cancer over the next 6 weeks.  Her daily travel to the hospital is 28 miles round trip.  Walk On Foundation has sent the family $100 to help offswet some of those costs.

08/13/13-  A Northern PA family is in need of a wheelchair lift.  We have one in storage and provided it to the family.

08/13/13 - A Sunbury, PA family currently has a son who is receiving treatments at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and will be there for three to eight months.  Walk On Foundation is sending them $100 to assist with gas and toll costs.

08/20/13 - A Milton, PA family must make numerous trips in next month to Children's Hospita of Philadelphia for their young child who has a heart condition.  Walk On Foundation has provided them with $100 in gas cards to assist with their travels.

09/10/13 - A Lewisburg, PA man recently had a brain tumor removed and is now undergoing Swallow Therapy to re-learn to eat. He must travel to Reading, PA 3 times a week for this therapy. Walk On has assisted the family with $100 in gas cards to assist with cost.


09/10/13 - A Connellsville, PA woman continues to undergo treatments for Breast Cancer. She is being treated aggressively 5 times a week. Walk On Foundation has sent the family $100 in gas cards to assist with travel costs.


09/10/13 - A Hamburg, PA man who has Cystic Fibrosis is in need of life saving medications. He has a pharmacy bill of $314 to receive his meds. Walk On Foundation has paid the pharmacy directly in the amount of $314.


09/10/13 - A Lewisburg, PA man with Leukemia has had hospitalizations and follow ups at John Hopkins in Balitmore, MD. Walk On Foundation and the community have helped provide the family with $2,520 towards medical costs.  PLEASE NOTE THIS MAN PASSED ON 9/18/13.  Our prayers are with his family.

10/08/13 - A Millmont, PA family has a child with Cebral Palsy and just switched their care from Geisinger to Hershey.   They must travel to Hershey in the coming weeks and are in need of help with gas.   Walk On Foundation approved a $50 gas card.

10/08/13 - A Mifflinburg, PA lady is blind due to a tumor.  She is in need of a folding cane and a special watch.  Walk On Foundation approved both at the cost of approx. $50.

10/08/13 - A Wilkes-Barre mom is currently "living" at Geisinger in Danville due to complications with her newborn child.   Walk On Foundation approved to assit this lady with $100 in gas as she travels to and from the hospital to home daily to be with heac of her kids.

11/07/13 - A family from Maryland must travel to Washington D.C. for their child who has multiple disabilities.  They are asking assistance for their upcoming 3 day trip.  Walk On Foundation has provided assistance with the travel costs and lodging costs at Ronald Mc Donald House.   They have been granted $300 for this trip.

12/10/13- A Forest Hill, PA woman who is blind is in need of a quad cane.   Walk On Foundation approved and purchased at price of $38.

12/10/13- A Millmont, PA family must take their child to Hershey Medical Center for treatment of Ceberal Palsy during December.  Walk On Foundation has assisted with $100 in gas card.

12/10/13 - A Berwick, PA family must travel to Philadelphia for medical care of their child who has esophagus issues among other medical issues.  Walk On Foundation approved them for $100 in gas.

12/10/13 - A Sunbury, PA family must travel to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for treatment for their 6 year old son who has Cystic Fibrosis.  Walk On Foundation approved them for $100 in gas.

12/10/13- A Danville, PA family must travel to Baltimore, MD for a Plan of Care for their child with multiple physical disabilites.  Walk On Foundation has assisted the family with $100.

12/10/13 - A Sunbury, PA male is in need of a TENS unit for pain.  This is doctor recommended but not qualified under insurance.  The cost is $106.79.  Walk On Foundation will purchase directly and provide to the male.

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