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Posted by Joshua Richard on February 5, 2014 at 7:35 PM

02/05/14 - A Lewisburg, PA family currently has a father hospitalized at a hospital in Philadelphia with Sjorgens Syndrome and a child at a hospital in Pittsburgh with other medical issues.  Family is in need of assistance for hotel in the Philadelphia area.  Walk On Foundation provided $500 towards the families hotel to allow them another 4 days.

02/26/14 - A Penns Creek, PA woman who is currently dealing with medical issues is unable to walk and utilizes a electric wheelchair.  Her electric wheelchair however does not fit into her vehicle.  Walk On Foundation had a manual wheelchair on hand and donated it to this family.

02/26/14 - A Sunbury, PA family who deals with a number of medical issues was recently the victim to theft in their home.  This leaving the family negative in their bank account also.  The family was in need of Adult Diapers.  Walk On Foundation purchased the family 3 cases at the cost of approx. $180.

03/11/14 - An Avis, PA family is dealing with prostate cancer and treatments that go along with it.  This family is uninsured and is asking for assistance to help with treatment costs.  Walk On Foundation has assisted the family by sending Geisinger Medical Center in Danville $548 to assist with this mans medical treatment.

03/25/14 - A Mifflinburg, PA man who is dealing with heart failure and weight issues has been recommended by doctors to get a certain type of weight scale.  Walk On Foundation purchased this scale for the man in the amount of $50.

03/25/14 - A Milton, PA woman who recently suffered an injury to her leg must stay off the leg for approximately a month and is in need of a wheelchair.  Walk On Foundation Inc. has borrowed one we have in storage to  the family for the month.

03/28/14 - An Milton, PA elderly woman has a lot of troubles getting around and is seeking a wheelchair.  Walk on Foundation has provided one we have in storage to the family.

05/01/14 - A Danville, PA man who is legally deaf needed assistance with repair to his hearing aids.  Walk On Foundation sent a check in amount of $400 to Geisinger Medical Center Audiology department to assist with this need.

05/01/14 - A McClure, PA man who is very limited on his budget is in need of help with prescription costs for his medicine that he takes for Congestive Heart Failure.  This medication runs him $20 a month.  Walk ON Foundation went ahead and sent $100 to the local pharmacy to cover 5 months of this prescription.

05/15/14 - A Watsontown, PA family was searching for an adaptive trike for their mentally challanged child.   A local person had what they needed for sale at cost of $250.  Walk On Foundation purchased the trike for the local child.

05/15/14 - A Berwick, PA family will be traveling with their child to have surgery (bladder placed back inside the body) Walk On Foundation provided the family with $250 in gas cards and sheetz books.

05/15/14 -  An Oklahoma family has medical trips for their child who has Ceberal Palsy.  Walk On Foudation provided the family with $75 in gas cards.

06/15/14 - A Milton, PA family must make medical trip to Philadelphia for their child with heart issues.  Walk On Foundation provided the family with $100 in gas cards.

06/15/14 - A Danville, PA ,man who has multiple sclerosis is in need of a wheelchair.  Walk On Foundation donated one to the family from our inventory.

07/13/14 - A Milton, PA family must make medical trips to Philadelphia for their child who has Ceberal Palsy.  Walk On Foundation provided the family with $125 in gas cards.

08/13/14 - A Ohio family was traveling through PA when youngsters through a rock over an overpass through their windshield causing severe injuries to a lady.   This launched what was called the BuddStrong Campaign all through our area.  Donatins from community members were sent into us in amount of $160 and we sent this straight to family to help with medical costs, travel, etc.

08/13/14 - A Quakerstown, PA family must travel to Rhode Island for 2 days this month for evaluation of a reflux disease.  $300 check was sent to the family and receipts for travel, lodging, etc. has been requested.

09/02/14 - A Watsontown, PA family must travel back and forth to hospital for their child who has leukemia.  Walk On Foundation provided $150 to help with travel costs.

09/09/14 - An Akron, Ohio woman who is diagnosed with Autonomic Dysfuntion has many issues with passing out.  Her doctor requested she have a blood pressure cuff and oximeter in her home.   We have approved this request at the cost of $18 for the blood pressure cuff and $39.99 for the oximeter.  These will be sent directly to the applicant.

09/09/14 - A Shamokin, PA man who was involved in a motorcycle accident is now disabled and in need of a powerized scooter.  Insurance has denied it.   The cost of the scooter needed per doctors orders is $743.  Walk On Foundation believes we have one in our possession that will be of use to this man.  We will follow up with man and update this grant ASAP.

09/09/14 - A Baton Logue, LA man suffers from chronic pain and needs pain injections intermittently.  The man is requesting assistance with $100 copay which we have sent directly to the Pain Intervention Clinic.

09/09/14 - A New Columbia, PA family who has been trying to raise funds for their handicap van received a $500 donation by a community donor.  We have placed these funds in placement for their vehicle.

10/14/14 - A Hartleton, PA lady who is approximately 92 years old is in need of a wheelchair to help her get around.  Walk On Foundation provided one that they had in storage to this lady for her use.

11/04/14 - A Homer, GA child with Ceberal Palsy is in need of an adaptive trike.  The trike was ordered for the child from Amazon.com at a cost of $140.

11/04/14 - A Williamsport, PA boy who has multiple medical issues including autism utilizes an IPAD and the Proloquo2go app to communicate with family, doctors etc.  Recently his communication device broke.  Walk On Foundation purchased an IPAD 4 from Apple.com for $300 and provided to the child so he could continue to communicate in this manner.

11/15/14 - A Danville, PA family must travel to Baltimore, MD to have surgery for their son who has a twisted tibia.  They are able to stay close to the hospital for the 3 nights at a cost of $300.  Walk On Foundation paid the facility in Baltimore $300 so the family may stay during his surgery.

11/19/14 - A Harleton, PA woman with Multiple Sclerosis is in need of a repair to her electric wheelchair.  Walk On Foundation sent $67 to Susquehanna Mobility to have this issue fixed.

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