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Posted by Joshua Richard on January 26, 2015 at 3:10 PM

1/24/15 - A Winfield, PA man must travel to Philadelphia, PA for admission to a hospital for 5-7 days of treatment.  The family traveling along with is requesting assistance with travel and food costs.  Walk On Foundation provided the family with $200 to assist with this trip.

1/24/15 - A Quakerstown, PA man must undergo treatments for RSD that costs approximately $300 and must travel to Rhode Island for these treatments.  Walk On Foundation provided the family with $300 to help offset treatment and travel costs.

2/10/15 - A Canton, GA woman is in need of a lightweight walker with seat and also TEDS stockings.  Walk On Foundation received prescriptions from her doctor for these items and purchased them in the amount of $120.

2/10/15 - A Watsontown, PA boy is hospitalized due to leukemia.  Mother is traveling back and forth to hospital.  Walk On Foundation has assisted the family with $150 to offset the travel costs.

03/09/15 - A Georgia lady is in need of a CPAP machine per doctor request and was denied by insurance.  Walk ON Foundation paid the cost of $138.10 to Pharmacy in Georgia.

03/09/15 - A New Columbia, PA family is in need of a specialized monitor  for their child that will allow them to follow her levels and maintain her safety.  The cost of the monitor and one month supply for sensors is $548.  Walk On Foundation paid this so the family may have the comfort of knowing their child is safe.

03/23/15 - A Minersville, PA family needed help with lodging while in Danville, PA for medical reasons.  Walk On Foundation assisted in placing them at Pine Barn Inn for $109.

04/02/15 - A Tomball, TX family has an 8 year old child who has encountered many hypoglycemic episodes recently.  They have requested help with cost of sensors for her continous glucose monitor for one month at cost of $350.  Approved.

04/04/15 - A Joneboro, AK family must travel to TN for medical appointments.  Gas in amount of $50 was approved.

04/11/15 - A Winfield, PA family must travel to Philadelphia and stay for approximately a week for medical purposes.  Walk ON Foundation assisted in amount of $130 (one night stay).

04/21/15 -  A New Columbia, PA family must travel to Philadelphia where they will give birth to their newborn with a heart condition.   The baby will be in need of medical intervnetion and will be hospitalized for approximately a month.  Walk On Foundation assisted with $400 to help with lodging, gas, parking and tolls.

04/21/15-  A Shippensburg, PA lady was recently released from ER in severe pain.   Prescriptions were provided however she was unable to afford the meds she needed.  Walk On Foundation sent $150 directly to the pharmacy so she could get the much needed medications.

06/02/15 - A Mifflinburg, PA family was in need of assistance to make a copay on medications.   $75 was sent directly to the pharmacy to cover these costs.

06/02/15 - A Montandon, PA family is dealing with the male head of household currently on dialysis 3 days a week and the female head of household recovering from recent surgery.  Constant trips to clinics and hospitals is causing them some financial hardships.  Walk On Foundation sent them a $50 Sheetz Gas card to assist.

06/02/15 - A Selinsgroce, PA man is in need of a pair of E-glasses which will allow him to have much better vision so he may continue his current job and spending time with his family reading, etc.  The cost of these glasses is $15,000.  Walk On Foundation launched an initiative called "Firehouse Frenzy" in which we asked local firehouses etc to donate to this cause.   The Daily Item, Standard Journal and WNEP ran stories on this need.   Walk On Foundation provided $1,500.00 to this need.   As of date this is being typed (6/11/15) approximately $8,000 of the $15,000 needed has been raised.

07/01/15 - A Milton, PA family must travel to Philadelphia in two weeks for their child with Ceberal Palsy to be evaluated.  Walk On Foundation has assisted the family with a $100 Sheetz gift card to be used for gas and food.

08/14/15- A Milton, PA family must travel to Philadelphia for appts.  Walk On Foundation assisted them with $100 for gas.

08/18/15- An Illinois family whom has a child with Dravet Syndrome must travel 325 miles to see a specialist.  Walk On Foundation provided the family with $200 to assist with costs.

09/08/15 - A Mifflinburg, PA family just had a newborn with failure to thrive and hyperotnia.  They must travel to Geisinger and CHOP for appointments.  Walk On Foundation provided $100 to family to help with costs.

09/15/15 - A Catawissa, PA family is traveling back and forth to Geisinger daily to feed and visit their premature child and will do so for next 12 weeks.  Walk On Foundation sent them $250 to assist with costs.

10/14/15 - A North Carolina man is in end stage liver failure and his family must travel 350 miles each way to take him to specialist.  Walk On Foundation has provided the family $250 to help towards travel costs.

11/02/15 - A Stillwater, PA man has been diagnosed with bone cancer and has many appointments coming up.  Walk On Foundation sent the family $250 to help with medical related costs.

12/03/15 - An Ohio woman who has multiple medical issues is in need of a bath chair and a bath grab bar.  Insurance will not cover it.  Medical documentation received and Walk On Foundation purchased both pieces from Amazon for $68.

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Reply Jennifer Hall
9:02 AM on May 30, 2015 
Hello my name is Jennifer Hall and I'm writing on behalf of my 3yr old daughter Nevaeh whom has Cerebral Palsy due to a brain injury at birth. We would love to take her more places but sleeping arrangement don't fit our needs. We saw a product called a Safety Sleeper and it would be great for her. It has holes for her feeding tube and it keeps her from falling off the bed when she has her seizures. We want her to enjoy life and be as much like other kids her age as possible. This bed would allow us to stay so many places and know that she is safe but we can't afford. Can you please help? Thank you and God bless.