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Posted by Joshua Richard on January 8, 2016 at 1:50 PM

01/06/16 - A 37 year old Mifflinburg, PA female was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  She has a $50 copay per treatment and is expected to have treatment 5 days a week for the next 6 weeks.  $250 was sent directly to Evangelical Hospital to help cover her treatments.

03/08/16 - A Mifflinburg, PA woman must travel numerous times over next 6 weeks to :Lewisburg, PA for chemo treatments.  Walk On Foundation assisted with $50 in gas.

03/08/16- A Sunbury, PA family must travel to Philadelphia at least 6 times over next few months to see a Cystic Fibrosis Specialist.  Walk On Foundation assisted with $150 towards gas and food.

03/26/16 - A Turbotville, PA family was displaced due to a fire.  Red Cross was able to assist them for 3 days.  While this need did not meet our mission we were able to reach out to the community and help secure 14 nights at a local hotel for the family.  This was at the cost of $59 a night.   Thank you to a caring comminuty for keeping this family with 3 kids off the streets.

04/12/16 - A out of state family recently had a premie who is now having some medical obstacles.  They were in need of an air purifier that cost $100.  This was purchased and shipped to the family.

04/12/16 - An out fo state family has a boy with ceberal palsy that needs a special trike.  The insurance will only cover a certain amount of the $1000 trike.  With proper documentation and awaiting final papers showing insurance will not provide following the appeal Walk On Foundation will pay the $482.

05/17/16 - A Smyrna, Georgia woman is in need of a bath chair and a walker with seat.  Following documentatiom from doctor and denial from insurance we went ahead and provided the approximately $100 to a medical supplier in her area to assist with her basic need.

06/14/16 - A Westminster, MD family has a young child with a number if medical issues including sensitivity to heat.  Walk On approved a Hybrid Phase Cooling vest in the amount of $200.

06/14/16 - A lady from Sandwich, IL is in need of a dental piece due to medical reasons.  We approved to send $400 to the dentist office to cover the part that insurance will not so she may move forward with treatment.

07/05/16 - A Danville, PA family recently adopted two young children who were in an abusive situation and are disabled due to the abuse.  The family is in need of a wheelchair ramp into their home.  We approved a grant of $700 towards the cost of supplies for this ramp.   Supplies were ordered directly from Home Depot.

07/05/16 - A North Carolina child with Ceberal Palsy is in need of an octopaddle scooter to assist in therapy with mobility.  We ordered this for the child at a cost of $131.

07/13/16 - An Appalachia, VA family must travel over 400 miles for their childs surgery.  Walk On approved $200 grant to assist with gas and food during this trip.

08/19/16 - An Allenwood, PA family must travel to Philadelphia for urgent medical care.  Walk On Foundation approved a $200 grant to assist with gas, parking and food.

9/15/16 - A Scranton, PA man with Burkitt Syndrome will be hospitalized at University of PA hospital for a lengthy time. Walk On Foundation sent his wife $300 to assist with transportation, tolls and food.


11/08/16 - A Milton, PA man was recently diagnosed with Cancer. Walk On Foundation sent the family a $100 gas card to assist with transportation costs.

11/08/16- A Sunbury, PA family has two chronic medical children that require many trips to Philadelphia. Their only car broke down. Because they have many appointments that children need to attend Walk On Foundation sent a check for $450 to the body shop to have the car repaired.

11/21/16 - A Selinsgrove, PA boy is in need of a lift to get him in and out of their family fan. The community helped raise funds and Walk On Foundation wrote a check to Total Mobility for $9,642.50.

12/6/16 - A Lewisburg, PA women had to undergo major eye surgery.  Walk On Foundation paid $425 to two clinics to help cover costs.

12/17/16- A Mifflinburg, PA woman is dealing with a rare form of cancer and was in need of a bathroom chair.  Walk On Foundation purchased for her at cost of $45.

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