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Quotes The Walk on Foundation is an amazing nonprofit organization! Thank you Josh Richard, the committee, and all the people that donated to help my daughter Abigail have the gift of a voice(Ipad2 w/App). We are so greatful for this. We will never forget that you all had a big part in helping my baby girl speak and making easier for us to know what she needs. When we gave her this gift for christmas we told her very kind angels got this present for her and to her and my family you are our angels --- Rebecca L. Yost Quotes
Rebecca Yost
My daughter now has a voice

Quotes I just got your letter today. I can't tell you enough how much my son and I appreciate it. My family will have a much less stressful and hopefully happier time because of your help. It's always hard on my husband to travel for extended periods or sleep in other beds (because of his neck and back) as much as it is for the kids to be away (especially Caedyn in hospitals) and our daughter is such a trooper through it all. But you guys have gone out of your way to make sure things will be as easy on all of us as possible. This in turn makes it less stressful for me. I can't say enough to express how thankful I am. Joshua Richard, thanks again. I know I've told you 10 times already but it's hard to have this kind of help without the guilt of not paying it back somehow. Or even, in some cases, the stress of having to ask and knowing you don't know how you ever will pay it back. I'll always be paying it forward as much as I can. Will keep you guys updated on how it all goes. ♥ Thanks again! Quotes
Shawna Parrotte

Quotes Hi Angella, I just noticed as I was writing your name, that you have the word "Angel" in your name...well I believe in Angels, both in the Heavens and on Earth! There are special people/groups, who have touched your life in a way that I consider them our "Earthly Angels"...you, your organization...have touched our lives in that way!!! Life is truly, alot easier with this special gift that arrived at our door this week...the box said Buggy on the outside, with a pic of the chair on the box.. you should of seen the excitement in one little girl named Jilly, when she saw the box! She kept saying: "Me Me"...and we said "yes Jilly, this is for you and someone on our computer sent it to you". Her smile was priceless. My son opened the box, and we pulled out this wonderful umbrella style wheelchair called a Buggy. It was lightweight and great looking, and so easy to set up!! Jilly climbed in, we adjusted the harness and that is where she stayed for the next hour. Quotes
Joy Kimble

Quotes As a survivor of peritoneal cancer and stem cell transplant recipient, I have to travel to Houston, TX frequently for check ups with my doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Joshua Richard mentioned Walk on Foundation to my husband one evening in a sports chat conversation. We had just discovered that day that the assistance with airfare that we had been expecting had fallen through and God opened another door of opportunity in the most unsuspected place. Joshua and Walk on Foundation granted our wish for assistance for roundtrip airfare for my husband and I so that I could continue under the fine care of my doctors at MD Anderson. Thank you Joshua and Walk on Foundation! Quotes
Tanya Sharpe
Never Cease to be Amazed

Quotes In Jan. 2010, my 4 month old son was diagnosed with Plagiocephaly (flattened head). He was ordered to have a helmet to wear to correct the flat spot. I called around and all places told me that Medicaid would not cover it and that it would cost $1800.00 dollars. Of course I did not have the money to pay for it. I got on a bunch of websites asking for help and Walk On Foundation contacted me. They worked with a local provider in my area and helped me receive the helmet that my son needed. Thank you so much for the help. Quotes
Robin Boterf
Satisfied Mom

Quotes I was having very bad allergy problems, which in turn was affecting my asthma. After dealing with it for a couple of months, I posted a wish for an air purifier. WOF purchased two air purifiers, one for each floor of my apartment. I am now breathing so much better!!! Thank you WOF!!!! Quotes
Thankful Woman

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